It’s Our Passion That Propels Us

As career and lifestyle coaches, all of us at 3O4 Coaching love what we do. And we love what we do because of you. Few experiences are more rewarding than observing, firsthand, the positive impact of our guidance in the lives of our clients. It’s not just our profession, it’s our passion. It drives us. It motivates us. It propels us. The career counseling and lifestyle mentorships that we provide will instill in you the skills and abilities you need to enjoy a more successful life.

Every day, in countless ways, we assist achievement-minded individuals just like you, at every level of their careers, to cultivate their own leadership legacies; legacies that allow you to reap more from your own potential and share more of your own humanity with the world around you – with your employer, your coworkers, your family, your friends, and your community.

It’s Our Values That Ground Us

If we don’t strive to adhere to our own core values and principles, how can we effectively guide others to live by theirs? At 3O4 Coaching, we believe that we succeed only when you succeed. Your success is our success. So, at the very foundation of what we do are the values we live by each and every day.


Genuine & Real

With 3O4 Coaching, you always get the fullest measure of not only what makes us unique, but what makes us uniquely effective: our personal authenticity. We know there are no perfect coaches just as there are no perfect people. Like you, we are all in the process of growing and learning and improving. What we promise is our genuine selves. Through authenticity we’re able to help you become the best version of yourself, so you can be your best for others.

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach, Author and Philanthropist


Fierce & Unfettered

Authenticity is impossible without honesty. At the root of all successful relationships is truthfulness and trust. It’s as important between a coach and a client as it is in any sincere interpersonal interaction.

With 3O4 Coaching, you are always guaranteed the gift of fiercely honest feedback. And while sometimes it may seem a bitter pill to swallow, it is also just as curative. And, of course, this applies to your coach as much as it does to you. Never be afraid to provide us with your honest feedback.


Steadfast & Unwavering

Just as valuable as honest feedback is steadfast support and encouragement. When you experience a breakthrough moment, whether it’s accomplishing a goal, landing a promotion, healing a relationship, or finding your real purpose in life, it not only feels great to you, it feels great to us. It is, in fact, why we do what we do. No matter what your goal or ambition, in your personal life or in your career, your coach will always be your most ardent fan.

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo, Founder, Collegiate EmPowerment

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”
– Han Suyin, Physician and Author


Kindness & Compassion

Our giving hearts can reveal themselves in unexpected and marvelous ways. It might be through a gesture as simple as a sympathetic smile shared with a parent struggling to subdue an unruly child in a busy restaurant; through a donation to one of the many charities we support; or by sharing an idea, suggestion, or solution with a coworker. It’s the small acts of compassion and kindness that often have the most profound impact in the lives of others.


Generosity & Outreach

Charity begins at home. And, as we all know, home is where the heart is. So, all of us at 3O4 Coaching are committed to supporting the communities where we live, work and thrive. Whenever possible, we use local small businesses and independent entrepreneurs as our vendors, suppliers and partners.

We volunteer our time, help our neighbors, rescue animals, mentor the next generation, and care for the environment. In return, we encourage you and all our clients to do the same in your local communities. We promise, the sense of satisfaction you’ll feel, from the inside out, will warm your heart and soothe your soul.

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