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Business & Talent Strategy

0:00:05.4 S1: Welcome to Savvy, Booked, and Blessed, a podcast for bold female leaders making bold moves. I’m your host, founder and CEO of Pro Savvy Strategic Performance Agency. Stick around to the end of the show. Reveal how you can be our next… Let’s get started. 0:00:25.4 S2: I welcome to savvy book and […]

Your culture isn’t your to-do list. It’s the long game.

0:00:01.9 S1: Welcome to Powerful at Work. The podcast for business owners like you who value each person and desire to lead powerfully, I’m your host Rosa Ponce de Leon, and it is my goal to help you secure your legacy and make a real impact by establishing a culture where all are empowered to […]

Find and Keep the Best Talent

0:00:01.8 S1: You’re listening to the Aim to Win Podcast. I’m Wade Thomas, and I believe that every one of you has a wealth of potential, just waiting to come out, and I’m here to help you reach that potential. So now, here’s the Aim to Win Podcast. Today I’m delighted to have Jennifer Thornton […]

What’s Your Talent Strategy? (and why you need one)

Today on The Ambition Incubator Podcast we talk about why a talent strategy is so important for business success. As we explore the topic of talent, we also dive into things like why trust and curiosity have a role to play in building an effective team, why powerplays are fear-based tactics, and why being right […]

Leveraging Neuroscience to Scale with Joy

0:00:05.2 S1: Welcome to the Wired for Success Podcast. Your show for ambitious mission-driven entrepreneurs who understand that there’s more to entrepreneurship than finding the latest flash in the pan strategies, who understand that in order to build your empire… You need a solid foundation. I whole-heartedly believe that entrepreneurship is the biggest self development […]

How to Hire the Right Way

A great leader is someone who can reduce the fear in the workplace, and will allow someone to be wholly and completely who they are. – Jen The importance of hiring the right people can’t be emphasized enough. However, too many organizations out there, simply hire people to “fill the holes” without actually thinking through […]

The Changing Approach to Leadership

Building Better Managers Podcast Episode #47: How to Avoid the Dreaded Talent Cliff with Jennifer Thornton The talent cliff is a threat to organizations everywhere. But it doesn’t need to be. In this episode, talent management and leadership expert Jennifer Thornton joins the podcast to help answer some of the most critical questions facing businesses […]

High Performance Cultures with Sue Firth

No executive should be in the wild without a coach, there’s too much head trash, there’s so many stories, there’s too much stress and all of those things, and I just feel like for mental health reasons, every executive should have a coach. -Jen Thornton Do Leaders have to get everything right? Jen and I […]

Defining Leadership with Tim Winders

What does leadership mean to you? Everyone has their preferred approach to leadership. But leading a team to reach a common goal harbors its own hurdles causing an arduous journey. At times, a leader may be confronted with unforeseen matters and challenges. As a leader, it is your responsibility to spearhead change and progress for […]

Jen on Passage to Profit, an iHeart Radio Show

Find the Best Talent for Your Business Just have a short time? Listen to an excerpt of Jen’s interview here. 0:00:00.0 S1: How do we think about talent in the workplace and really recognizing the only way a business gets off the ground is the talent in which surrounds the business. 0:00:11.0 S2: You know […]

How to Leverage Neuroscience in Leadership

0:00:18.0 S1: Hey everybody, and welcome to Learning From Smart People. I am your host, Rob Oliver, and I appreciate you being here today. Listen, I just have a real quick favor to ask of all of my listeners, and as you listen to this, maybe you’re on Apple Podcast, wherever you are, make sure […]

Talent, Teamwork and Results

0:00:00.2 S1: Courage to Lead, episode 73. 0:00:03.6 S2: Your listening to the IB4E coaching podcast. 0:00:11.9 S1: Brought to you by IB4E coaching business coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and small business professionals, learn more at Hey, Coach Harlan, welcome back to the podcast. Hope you guys are having a great week. I’m having […]

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