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Talent, Teamwork and Results

0:00:00.2 S1: Courage to Lead, episode 73. 0:00:03.6 S2: Your listening to the IB4E coaching podcast. 0:00:11.9 S1: Brought to you by IB4E coaching business coaching for executives, entrepreneurs and small business professionals, learn more at Hey, Coach Harlan, welcome back to the podcast. Hope you guys are having a great week. I’m having […]

A Conversation About Talent Strategies

“I get up every day and I love what I do, and you really can teach people how to be fantastic leaders if you slow down enough to do it.” – Jen 0:00:03.1 S1: Train people well enough so that they can leave… Treat them well enough so that they don’t want to. That is […]

The Neuroscience of Leadership

0:00:00.0 S1: What’s up, guys? Super excited to let you know that we’re now releasing transcripts of the podcast is linked in the podcast description, you can also find it on LinkedIn at Danny Langloss in our document section, if you’re not filling us on LinkedIn, please do. We’re releasing leadership content daily, really driving […]

Using Neuroscience to Build Better Leaders

0:00:09.0 S1: Welcome back, everybody. This is XL 10-minute Leader’s Life. Talking to leaders in different time zones about what they’re doing in technology, business and society. What they are doing to make the world a slightly better place. Helping us in leadership and in just general development, personal goals, whether it’s skills, education. Wherever […]

The Price Of Being An Entrepreneur

0:00:00.0 S1: This podcast is brought to you by The Way of the Modern Beast. Beard care, grooming and community for men. Make sure you head over to and use the code Beast Pod for 10% off. Enjoy the show. What does it take to go from good to great, from fearful to fierce, […]

Community at Work Makes Community in the World

0:00:03.9 S1: Hi everyone, this is Julie Bruns. Welcome to the Peace and Possibilities podcast. I want you to thrive and be happy, peaceful and content. No matter where you are in your journey. This podcast shares stories that will show you how it can be done, no matter what your circumstances. We inspire to […]

How Can Businesses Avoid the Dreaded Talent Cliff?

“When a business starts to take off, they start throwing all their resources into increasing their revenue, opening up new markets,” Jennifer explains. “But what they don’t say at the same time is: What do we need to do for our talent to ensure that they can keep up the pace with our growth?” “Psychological […]

The Line Between Self-Confidence and Egotism

0:00:10.2 S1: Welcome to the Terminal Value Podcast, where each episode provides in-depth insight about the long-term value of companies and ideas in our current world, your host for this podcast is Doug Utberg, the founder and principal consultant for Business of Life, LLC. Welcome to the Terminal Value Podcast. I have Jennifer Thornton on […]

How to Transform Leadership with Conversational Intelligence

0:00:07.0 S1: Hello and welcome to today’s Monday motivational episode of Powering Unique You. My name is Janna Macik and I’m so happy to be here with you today. Today’s Monday, my friends. Are you loving Monday or are you dreading Monday? Well no matter what I think every day is an opportunity for us […]

How To Turn Fear Into Your Career Super Power

0:00:05.4 S1: Welcome to Career Central with the Lorraine Beaman. In this program, you will hear from career management experts who will provide guidance and strategies to help you advance or change your career. Now, here is your host, Lorraine Beaman. 0:00:21.5 S2: Welcome to Career Central. I’m Lorraine Beaman, your host of an hour, […]

Knowing Your Edge to Give You Power in All Situations

0:00:02.1 S2: What if saying YES could allow for you to go on multiple international adventures. Well, today you’re gonna hear how Jen Thornton decided after doing something very interesting that might have gotten to her head a bit, she said, Yes, and by the way, she also realized very quickly how important it is […]

How not to think about Hiring, Firing and Leading

“You have to build a relationship with someone, and you have to recognize that when you make a hiring decision, you’re changing the course of someone’s life, you’re impacting their family, their finances, their resume, all of that, so when you just have partly hire someone and you hire someone for a job that they’re […]

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