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Leading Real Change with Scott McCarthy

“Change is hard for any organization. People are often averse to change as they are comfortable in the ways in which they live and work. However, in order to remain relevant and competitive in today’s world, change is essential. Therefore, as leaders, it’s crucial that we lead the changes in our organizations the right way. […]

Coaching Through Fear

0:00:09.3 S1: Hello Savvy listeners, I’m excited you are taking the time to invest in yourself today, SAVVY, the business podcast, will show you how your daily habits can create your own platform, experts will share solutions and efficient tips to create a road map just for you. One thing that can make this happen, […]

Understanding People in the Workplace

0:00:00.7 S1: Welcome to Peernovation, the podcast with Leo Bottary and me, Randy Cantrell. Building on our previous shows, the year of the peer and what anyone can do, we turn our attention to helping business leaders build high-performing teams, we’ll talk with a diverse group of thought leaders who will share stories and insights […]

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Education Today

0:00:05.0 S1: Franze and Friends… Informative, entertainment, edgy. Where leaders come to share their secrets. Now, here’s your host Jay Franze. We are coming at you live. I am Jay Franze and I am here with the Yogi to my Bobo. Mr. Keith Sensing. Sir, how are you? Alright, what up Jay? Were also here […]

How to Create a Culture of Peak Performance

Here’s the recent conversation I had with Thomas Green about creating a culture of peak performance. He had great questions to ask me. Click the image to watch. 20:00:00.0 S1: Thomas Green here with Ethical Marketing Service on the podcast today, we have Jen Thornton. Jen, welcome. 0:00:07.2 S2: Thanks for having me. It’s gonna […]

Great Leaders are Consistent

“I always say leadership is picking up clues along the way; as you are engaging with people and you see traits that you admire or that you see are really effective, you just are kind of picking those up and re-taking all of that and molding it into who you authentically are.” 0:00:16.4 S1:Welcome to […]

Addictions in Leadership

We dive into the addiction of being right; what it is and how it impacts the leader and the people that they interact with on a regular basis. Our talk today will provide you with a better understanding of why some leaders are the way that they are and as well as some advice to […]

Developing Strong Talent Strategies

…you have to think about “what’s my talent strategy that makes my business strategy successful?” -Jen This is Better than Before with Tony Richards, a business leaders podcast. Each week will provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. And now, here’s […]

From Crisis Management to Levity & Strategic Leadership

Listen below to Dr. Heather Walker’s conversation with Jen Thornton on: how to speak to your team to get them to open up how leading with levity at work can help you have a stronger home life the art and science of Conversational Intelligence 0:00:01.5 S1: Welcome to the Lead with Levity podcast. I’m your […]

Creating a Culture of Peak-Performance

Listen to Jen Thornton share her perspective on the future of work-place communication, why psychological safety is becoming an important part of company cultures, and how to create trust and safety in your company. 0:00:05.1 S1: Welcome to the How to Build a Team podcast for business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to learn […]

Are You Blinded by Being Right?

When we are addicted to being right, we are not able to hear the truth or learn from others. This creates a culture of fear within our teams. When we move past our addiction and open ourselves up we are able to create collaboration and innovation within our teams. Listen to Rose Davidson open up […]

Taking Human Resources to the Next Level

“I think disengagement comes because we’re just throwing work at people. We’re not really talking about why it’s important or even considering if it makes an impact” 0:00:04.1 S1: Hello and welcome to Minter Dialogue episode number 405. My name is Minter Dial and I’m your host for this podcast. This week’s interview is with Jen […]

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