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Developing Strong Talent Strategies

…you have to think about “what’s my talent strategy that makes my business strategy successful?” -Jen This is Better than Before with Tony Richards, a business leaders podcast. Each week will provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. And now, here’s […]

From Crisis Management to Levity & Strategic Leadership

Listen below to Dr. Heather Walker’s conversation with Jen Thornton on: how to speak to your team to get them to open up how leading with levity at work can help you have a stronger home life the art and science of Conversational Intelligence 0:00:01.5 S1: Welcome to the Lead with Levity podcast. I’m your […]

Creating a Culture of Peak-Performance

Listen to Jen Thornton share her perspective on the future of work-place communication, why psychological safety is becoming an important part of company cultures, and how to create trust and safety in your company. 0:00:05.1 S1: Welcome to the How to Build a Team podcast for business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to learn […]

Are You Blinded by Being Right?

When we are addicted to being right, we are not able to hear the truth or learn from others. This creates a culture of fear within our teams. When we move past our addiction and open ourselves up we are able to create collaboration and innovation within our teams. Listen to Rose Davidson open up […]

Taking Human Resources to the Next Level

“I think disengagement comes because we’re just throwing work at people. We’re not really talking about why it’s important or even considering if it makes an impact” 0:00:04.1 S1: Hello and welcome to Minter Dialogue episode number 405. My name is Minter Dial and I’m your host for this podcast. This week’s interview is with Jen […]

Understanding the Talent Cliff

“I think if leaders started saying “Every person’s success or failure is based on how I perform, and I wanna make sure that I’m accountable to their performance.” I think things would really change, but that’s the biggest problem, we blame it on the employee and not the employer.” 0:00:00.0 S1: Forget about the crowds. […]

How to Recover When Fear Hi-Jacks the Brain

In this episode, Jennifer and Danny talk about “Conversational Intelligence” and the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership.  We discuss how to avoid these pitfalls and how to recover if you have gone astray.  We also take a short dive into neuroscience and talk about how fear hi-jacks the brain. 0:00:00.1 S1: What’s up, guys? This […]

Leadership is a People Business

You’ve heard me say that leadership is a people business. That applies to every aspect of your organization. This includes hiring, onboarding, talent development, performance feedback, and succession planning. Many leaders, however, don’t take ownership and they try and outsource their leadership responsibility to HR. My guest today is Jennifer Thornton. Jennifer is a leadership […]

Does Your Talent Strategy Match Your Business Strategy?

Can you list what is wrong with your team? If so, have you also asked “what am I doing to create that?” 0:00:03.9 S1: In business and life relationships are everything. Welcome to the People Catalyst podcast, where we interview top business leaders and learn how they build relationships with their teams, clients and those […]

Fear is Just a Chemical Reaction

Jen speaks to Lisa and Liz about how fear is just a chemical reaction and doesn’t mean anything. Listen to hear what to do when fear takes over your brain. It may not be what you think. 0:00:11.4 S1: Welcome to Bossy, Brilliant and Badass, a weekly conversation that business, careers and personal development, designed […]

How’s Your Conversation Intelligence?

Jen and Mark discuss what conversation intelligence (C-IQ) is, creating fear, speaking language that creates trust, shutting people down, Jen’s thoughts on confidential surveys, and more! 0:00:00.0 S1: This is The Mark Struczewski Podcast. She spent over 20 years as an HR professional. Now, she has a consulting firm called 304 Coaching. Jen Thornton from […]

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership and How to Fix Them with Conversational Intelligence

Addicted To Being Right, 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership, How to Fix Them with Conversational Intelligence, With Jen Thornton, Talent Strategy and Leadership Expert. 0:00:00.6 S1: Welcome my friends to a very special episode of the Thrive Factor Podcast episode 20. I have been truly blessed with the guests that I’ve been able to interview […]

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