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Why Throwing Payroll at a Problem Does Not Get to the Root of Solving the Issue

We dive into why throwing payroll at a problem does not get to the root of solving the issue and what the future of work-place communication will look like. 0:00:02.9 S1: Thank you for joining us today on Positively Charged Biz. We are here to motivate, inspire and support our listeners as they write their […]

When should a business begin to think about talent strategy?

Listen below to hear what Jennifer has to say when it comes to businesses thinking about talent strategies. 0:00:06.2 S1: So to this is the Jason Cavness experience hosted by Jason Cavness. Joined Jason as you talk to small business owners and start-up founders, when other interesting people as we gained great insights about business […]

How You Can Do a Better Job of Empowering and Engaging Team Members

In this episode of the Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m happy to bring you a conversation with business and leadership coach, Jen Thornton, about the seven deadly sins of leadership that no one is talking about, and how leaders can overcome the temptation of committing them. Some of those sins, such as being addicted to being […]

Leadership in the New Normal

…leading in the 21st century, I think those competencies look different, communication may not be about inspiring, it may be around helping people understand how to work through fear, because with unpredictability, we have a natural fear that comes in, and I think just the competency of leading an unpredictable moment, that’s a competency that […]

Amping Up Your Conversational Intelligence to Enhance Your Leadership Impact

“We have to humanize ourselves first and really start to think about how do we humanize others around us.” -Jen Episode highlights: Obstacles to leadership Key elements of innovation leadership Leadership requires trust and trust requires curiosity The value of being open to failure Key obstacles to living a culture that embraces failure as a […]

How Talent Management Can Help Accelerate Growth

Learn how talent management can help accelerate growth with Jennifer Thornton. Transcript: 0:00:01.9 S1: The Virtual CMO Podcast is sponsored by the Strategic Marketing Consulting Services of The Five Echelon Group. If you’d like to work directly with The Five Echelon Group and receive personal coaching and support to optimize your business, enhance your marketing […]

Fear Is Just A Chemical Reaction With Jen Thornton

Learn how fear is just a chemical reaction with Jen Thornton Transcript: 00:03 S1: Hello. Good morning, sir, how are you? 00:08 S2: I’m doing well, it’s time for another action-packed episode of the tripod podcast 00:13 S1: Who… I just need everybody to know I’m doing Springs right now, and you go… That’s very […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership No One Talks About with Jennifer Thornton

Telltale signs you can use to IDENTIFY any of the 7 Deadly Sins you may be committing Why the original 7 Deadly Sins perfectly correlate to MISTAKES leaders make The WARNING SIGNALS of “lower functions” – The keys to avoiding lesser habits How RECOGNITION, SELF-CONTROL, and the right COACHING have saved other leaders Transcript: 00:04 […]

Calling On You With Jen Thornton

Jennifer’s called in to share her experience with fear and how it became a moment that would alter her life path completely. Jennifer shares her story about accepting a new role in her company to travel overseas and help open stores while her company expanded globally. Her saying yes to the opportunity caught her by […]

Team Success With Jennifer Thornton

Jennifer Thornton talks about team success with Aruna Krishnan on Lead That Thing podcast. Transcript: 00:03 S1: On this episode of Lead That Thing, I talk to Jen Thornton, talent strategist and leadership development coach. 00:15 S2: Welcome back, everyone. Today, my guest is Jen Thornton. Jen has developed her expertise in talent strategy and […]

Trading Fear for Innovation

Welcome to Episode 249 of the Today’s Leader Podcast. Our special guest today is JENNIFER THORNTON, A.C.C., FOUNDER and it was a great conversation.  As Jen says, running a high-performance team always boils down to two things, Adopting a “perfect fit” hiring process and developing each hire according to his or her own individual and […]

Always have to be right?

Today Jennifer and I discuss, Addicted to Being Right: The Deadly Sins of Leadership No one is Talking About & How to Fix Them with Conversational Intelligence®. This is a fascinating topic and the tips Jennifer offers are ones you can immediately apply to your life, business or relationships. Transcript 00:01 S1: Welcome to Savvy […]

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