Welcome to Visible Leadership Intensive

You’re already an accomplished, professional woman. Deep down, you’re confident, you’re at the top of your game.

But can you feel yourself arriving at a crossroads in your career and life? It’s not your imagination. Even the most talented professionals out there will eventually default to an easier path, and wander off into the crowd…

Not you. You know you’re just getting started, and you’re meant to harness your gifts in a much more powerful way. To always be adding to your skillset and sharpening what you have to offer the world — and to never stop growing.

As it turns out, the research is already in:

the women who take their rightful seat on the rocket ship of work and life are the ones who have mastered how to view, appreciate, and understand their relationships.

That is the difference, and it’s essential. We’re talking about your relationships with colleagues, children, partners, and everyone else in your life.

Are you ready to take your seat on this rocket ship?


Welcome to Visible Leadership Intensive,

a 12-month, intentionally boutique sized, curated group of professional female leaders who refuse to stop evolving and growing, every single day. These women are the best of the best, dedicated to providing accountability, shedding a thoughtful light on one another’s issues, celebrating victories, and lifting one another up.

We’re all familiar with the concept that we’re the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. These are the women you’ll want to emulate, support, cheer for, and listen to. And they’ll be looking to you, too.

The Visible Leadership Intensive includes:
  • Two individual, private coaching sessions with Jennifer Thornton per month
  • Personal access to Jennifer between sessions as needed for laser sessions
  • Two interactive group coaching calls a month
    – One Educational Session
    – One Implementation Session
  • A dedicated Slack group where you will interact with the dynamic community

And more…

Conversational Intelligence®

Much of our work will be mastering the power of Conversational Intelligence®. Based on neuroscience research, it’s a new and innovative framework all about connecting, navigating, and growing with the people around you.

We all have conversations every day — and research shows 9 out of 10 conversations fall far short of an authentic connection. When you call in the power of Conversational Intelligence, what might ordinarily take months or even years can happen instantly. You’ll see higher levels of trust. You’ll easily create partnerships as you unlock a new world of co-creation with the people around you.

From this powerful platform, truly life-changing conversations and relationships emerge.

Our world is already moving from an “I-centric world” to a “we-centric” world — why not be on the front lines, leading the way?

It’s time to go beyond mere goal-setting and make the invisible, visible. With the right focus, implementation of the world’s most powerful tools, and a powerful community of women around you, this will become your new reality.

Are you ready?

Let’s connect and chat about whether this mastermind is the one for you. Schedule Below.


“Jennifer approaches every coaching session with great preparation and thought, yet she has an amazing way of helping you with the self-discovery needed to make the change or come to a decision.
As my career has grown, Jennifer has been a great sounding board and thought partner to help me develop personally and professionally.”

H.R. Executive and Consultuant

“Jennifer's guidance, thoughtful instruction, and expert knowledge has given me skills to achieve meaningful goals that I have been struggling with in my professional life. She asks the questions that I had never thought to ask myself and, as a team, we created actionable responses and a purposeful plan.

Professionally I was stuck in a deep rut, but I am truly amazed at how far out of that rut I have come and in such a short time. Jennifer's coaching has made an incredible, positive change in my life!”

Successful Real Estate Agent

“I thought I knew my strengths and how to run my fast-growing business. But then Jen Thornton channeled her business mojo into my life and I realized I could be even better and sharper using her techniques. Her style is comprehensive, so there’s a perfect balance of Business ME and Personal ME that is improving and growing daily. Her style is so congenial and gentle, but no punches pulled which I LOVE as a woman business owner! She is accessible and calm, process-oriented. I feel instantly more thoughtful when she coaches me through a situation. ”

Successful Business Owner, Author, and Physician

“Jennifer is AMAZING! She’s genuine, engaged and exactly what I needed to kick my progress in my life and business startup from complacent to on fire! Work with her now! You won’t regret it!!”

Physician, Business Owner, and Coach