Cultivating Leadership Legacies

“Everything in life comes down to the relationships you cultivate. Make them a priority.”
– Jennifer Thornton

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3O4 Coaching helps achievement-minded individuals just like you to cultivate your own leadership legacy; a legacy that allows you to reap more from your own potential and share more of your own humanity with the world around you.

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Our greatest sense of achievement derives from empowering you to succeed. Our greatest fulfillment comes from encouraging you to pursue your life’s ambitions. And our greatest inspiration is you, and seeing you attain your goals. In your life. In your career. In your relationships.

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is a 12-month, intentionally boutique sized, curated group of professional female leaders who refuse to stop evolving and growing, every single day.

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What They’re Saying

I thought I knew my strengths and how to run my fast-growing business. But then Jen Thornton channeled her business mojo into my life and I realized I could be even better and sharper using her techniques. Her style is comprehensive, so there’s a perfect balance of Business ME and Personal ME that is improving and growing daily. Her style is so congenial and gentle, but no punches pulled which I LOVE as a woman business owner! She is accessible and calm, process-oriented. I feel instantly more thoughtful when she coaches me through a situation.

Honestly, the best investment I’ve ever made!

H. Bartos, MD Successful Business Owner, Author, and Physician

Jennifer approaches every coaching session with great preparation and thought, yet she has an amazing way of helping you with the self-discovery needed to make the change or come to a decision.

Her years of experience coaching at all levels give her a balanced perspective in any situation and I personally find each session very inspirational. I leave with a clear set of goals and a plan.

As my career has grown Jennifer has been a great sounding board and thought partner to help me develop personally and professionally.

S. Collins HR Executive

Jennifer's guidance, thoughtful instruction, and expert knowledge has given me skills to achieve meaningful goals that I have been struggling with in my professional life. She asks the questions that I had never thought to ask myself and, as a team, we created actionable responses and a purposeful plan.

Professionally I was stuck in a deep rut, but I am truly amazed at how far out of that rut I have come and in such a short time. Jennifer's coaching has made an incredible, positive change in my life!

K. Whatley Successful Real Estate Agent

Jennifer is AMAZING! She’s genuine, engaged and exactly what I needed to kick my life and business startup from complacent to on fire! Work with her now! You won’t regret it!!

L. Street M.D. Physician, Business Owner, and Coach

Jennifer is quite simply a Master of Communication and development. Her approach starts with getting individuals to really understand themselves and their peers and therefore how to communicate in an authentic way.

She explores your strengths and builds upon them whilst challenging your linguistic form to get the best out of you and your teams.
As an avid scholar she always brings new techniques and recent studies to the discussion, constantly keeping us moving forward in our development.

Through workshops in both small and large groups Jennifer has helped myself and my teams learn valuable skills that will stay with us forever in both our professional and personal lives. Our work has garnered fantastic business results because when we are able to lead with clear and motivational communication, we all win.

L. Kee Global Merchant Executive

OAD has been a game-changer for us; we have been able to integrate it into so many parts of the business for both our corporate and our store environments.

We are making better hiring decisions, building better teams, having better coaching conversations and more! It has been an easy adoption process, the teams bought in quickly and were excited to start using the tool.

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