For organizations poised for exponential growth.

Coaching, consulting, and custom programs that positively shape company culture and empower teams.

304 COACHING Change Management Mentorship and Education

For leaders at any place in their career who desire to elevate in their position (or are working towards a new one), get the 1:1 guidance, direction, and grounding to discover confidence in decisions, build quality working relationships, and focus on sustainable strategies. When all eyes are on you for direction, it is better to know where you’re headed than to stay stuck where you’ve been.

304 CUSTOM EDUCATION Bespoke 360° Training, Adult-Learning Curriculums, and Courses of Instruction

Give your team confidence and get them excited about products, processes, and promotions, motivating them to share what they have learned. Bring your business and brand to life by making an emotional connection with your message and mission, storytelling steeped in visual interest, instructional design, and institutional knowledge that’s easy to digest and retain. Communication is connecting: dots, dreams, and duty.

304 EDUCATION Leadership Academies and Professional Development

The best-of-the-best internal ideas and programs that bolster skills in team-building and navigating change. Adult learning and workshops illuminate, inspire, and influence the landscape and language of leadership because when we become better for ourselves, we become better for everybody.

“Jen is a master of communication. She brings new techniques and recent studies to the table, helping my teams learn valuable skills that have garnered fantastic business results.”

L. Kee, Global Merchant Executive

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When we become better for ourselves, we become better for everybody.


Our signature annual event to introduce our new concepts, an overview of neuroscience, and the language of leadership. Inspiring performance, employee satisfaction, and team cohesion in this 3-part subject-matter symposium and webinar series. Become part of our community to be one of the first to learn about next year’s dates.

Accredited Programs from 304


Perfect-fit candidates begin with validated, perfect-fit hiring criteria.

Leadership Academies


Let’s prepare your upcoming leaders to take the reins.

Talent Strategy Case Studies

“Before we hired Jen, we were drowning in people issues: bad hires, turnover, drama. Turns out we didn’t have a good talent strategy. Jen helped us put one together that exceeded what we even knew was possible. We’ve overhauled our entire business, and we’re breaking sales records!”

– Dr. Heather Bartos, Author & CEO Be Women’s Health and Wellness

Challenges and change are inevitable; together we can rise to each occasion.

304 CONSULTING | Organizational Design, Structural Strategy, and High-Performance Expertise
Nurture a talent strategy that grows a team who can deliver on any business promise, vision, or innovation. Get the plan and the perspective to implement a staffing-by-design solution that contributes to company culture, supports business growth, and strengthens the leadership pipeline.

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