Identify the Predictors of Success Specific to Your Company & Only Hire Candidates who Match Those Traits.

Perfect-Fit Candidates Begin with Validated, Perfect-Fit Hiring Criteria
For Companies on an Exponential Growth Trajectory

Adopt a Perfect-Fit Hiring Process
Develop & Retain A-Players
Groom Next Gen Leaders
Cultivate a High-Performance Culture
Build a Team that Can Handle Record-Breaking Growth

“Jen is a master of communication. She brings new techniques and recent studies to the table, helping my teams learn valuable skills that have garnered fantastic business results.”

L. Kee, Global Merchant Executive

Fast-growing companies have
3 main challenges other companies don’t have.

They don’t have time to waste on wrong-fit candidates.

Fast-growing companies have aggressive business plans, so they need to hire Perfect-Fit candidates, fast. They don’t have time to waste on firing and rehiring. Our validated hiring tool replaces all other tools on the market for a more accurate job-match the first time.

They have to promote leaders before they’re ready.

When a company is expanding rapidly, their bench of leaders is typically underdeveloped. We help to close the gap at lightning speed with leadership development academies and professional development coaching that can bring your promoted leaders up to speed.

They need their employees to bring their best - every day.

Companies on a growth trajectory need high-performance teams who bring their best to the table every single day. For this, you’ll need a trust-based work culture. Our culture-development programs are based on cultivating high-trust, highly engaged teams who speak the same language.

Talent Strategy Case Studies

“Before we hired Jen, we were drowning in people issues: bad hires, turnover, drama. Turns out we didn’t have a good talent strategy. Jen helped us put one together that exceeded what we even knew was possible. We’ve overhauled our entire business, and we’re breaking sales records!”

– Dr. Heather Bartos, Author & CEO Be Women’s Health and Wellness

Get a Complimentary, Personalized Talent Strategy Planning Session

Reserve a private strategy session with Jennifer, where she’ll assess your company’s talent strategy (or help you plan to develop one), support you in identifying key strategic gaps, and offer options to minimize business risk and maximize return on investment.

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