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Chances are high that your employees are afraid of your leadership team.

(Even though they’ll never tell you so)

Hiring & retaining top talent is never a salary issue. It’s a matter of leadership.

Poor leadership can be spotted in conversations that incite fear, and it’s fear-based relationships that produce a poor work culture and poor performance.

 If your company’s work culture is impeding your growth, the secret lies in the language of your leadership.

Ways your leaders unknowingly introduce fear in the minds of your employees.

  • Setting unclear or unrealistic expectations
  • Unconscious favoritism
  • Withholding information or strategic decisions
  • Lack of candor
  • Closed-door environments
  • Criticizing work
  • Placing blame and speaking when angry
  • Claiming credit undeservedly
  • Failing to give proper recognition
  • Making excuses or defensiveness
  • Punishing the messenger
  • Passing the buck
  • Using force and compliance
  • Failing to express gratitude

Implementing Conversational Intelligence® Can Turn it All Around.

Conversational Intelligence® or C-IQ® for short is a “macro-skill” that transforms the way everyone in an organization communicates. It builds trust between you and your colleagues and sparks creativity, innovation, and higher levels of teamwork.

C-IQ® allows you to:

✔️ Develop self-awareness

✔️ Learn to communicate effectively

✔️ Build relationships with each conversation

✔️ Maintain stronger partnerships

✔️ Resolve conflict quickly

✔️ Foster an atmosphere of collaboration and empowerment

✔️ Work with difficult personalities

✔️ Have hard conversations and resolve conflict quickly

✔️ Manage different generations of employees

✔️ Motivate A-Players and top performers

✔️ Redirect poor performers

✔️ Lead through difficult or challenging times

✔️ Grow as a leader

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Turn your meetings into million-dollar idea generators.

Garner needle-moving ideas from your team with this one weird meeting format, rooted in the brain-based science behind fear and trust.

Nobody takes what we say at face value.

The age-old game of telephone is alive and well. It’s actually how our brains work. As a leader, you say something to a team member, and they run it through their mental “filters” that have been designed based on their past experiences, both empowering and limiting.

In essence, they don’t hear what you say. They hear the story their mind makes up about what you say.

Certain phrases and language are proven to produce trust-inducing neurochemical responses in the listener’s brain.

C-IQ® trains you to build a top-down work culture based on trust, and it gets your teams to speak the same language. When your leaders use these proven methods for communication, their teams become highly engaged and inspired to go above and beyond for the company's vision and its leadership.

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Do You Know the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership?

Find out if you’re plagued with these all-too-common sins of executive leadership that stem from the #1 addiction in the professional world: the addiction to being right.

The C-IQ® Change Model

Language is either nourishing or depleting.
It either activates fear chemicals or trust chemicals. We call this up-regulating and down-regulating.


When you up-regulate, you reinforce the types of conversations that inspire transparency, relationship building, understanding, and a shared vision of success, truth, and empathy.

The Goal of C-IQ® is to Teach Leaders How to Use Language to Move Others from a Protective State, where Trust and Productivity are Compromised, to a Co-Creative State Where Innovation, Creativity, and Hard Work Flourish.

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The primitive brain protects and defends. The prefrontal cortex is where teamwork and performance happen. Our language can literally move a person from thinking with one to the other.


Psychological safety is the cutting edge of emotional intelligence (EQ). C-IQ® is the “how-to” of EQ. Our consulting and coaching services will help you implement C-IQ® throughout your workplace in a way that will make your employees feel:

✔️ Understood
✔️ Recognized
✔️ Instructed
✔️ Supported
✔️ Appreciated
✔️ Motivated

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Implement C-IQ® to Work for You

C-IQ® Training can be personalized in whatever format works best for your company.

  • Leadership Academies
  • Group Workshops
  • Virtual or In-Person Retreats
  • Individual Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Company-Wide Roll-outs

21st Century Leadership
Requires Better Conversations

Schedule a complimentary talent strategy session to see if C-IQ® is right for your organization.

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