The ROI of Systemized Leadership Development can be Measured in Millions.

Let’s prepare your upcoming leaders to take the reins.
For Companies on an Exponential Growth Trajectory

Adopt a Perfect-Fit Hiring Process
Develop & Retain A-Players
Groom Next-Gen Leaders
Cultivate a High-Performance Culture
Build a Team that Can Handle Record-Breaking Growth

Don’t leave it up to management to groom your future executive talent.

(They may not know how, and they definitely don’t have time.)

When A-Players get promoted to management, the assumption is that their manager or supervisor will mentor them to become a leader. As we know, this doesn’t always happen like clockwork. The underdeveloped leader then promotes his or her team members into leadership positions, who also remain underdeveloped.

Multi-generational leadership deficits begin to stack up, and you’re left with a very shaky foundation.

Great employees don’t become good leaders by accident.

Develop a pipeline of talent that’s ready for promotion to management, Director, and VP-level positions.

  • Get underdeveloped managers and leaders up to speed fast
  • Create a culture of development, where everyone speaks the same language
  • Condense a leader’s learning curve from years to months
  • Invest in your employees, so they’re less likely to go elsewhere
  • Reduce employee turnover by demonstrating promotional pathways
  • Build the management capabilities of your leaders and close their skill gaps
  • Upskill managers without depleting the company’s resources
  • Increase productivity and accountability throughout the organization
  • Open lines of communication across the company and build a supportive work culture

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Our Secret Sauce is Behavior Change.


Our Leadership Academies are proven to get your leaders to take action differently and produce organization-wide change that drives the bottom line.


Our proprietary Leadership Competency Model identifies 6 leadership domains and 5 essential competencies within each. Leaders progress through the domains from Leading Self to Leading From a Distance, demonstrating effectiveness in each competency along the way. That’s how you know they’re changing.

The behavioral anchors include key actions that specify the component behaviors that define the unique behaviors that lead to success. These behaviors provide a better guide for evaluation and development.

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Not every organization requires all the aspects of leadership.

Not every role requires every competency. We assess the needs of your organization, its individual roles, and its unique employees to establish the required competencies and the specific gaps that need to be addressed.

Each employee is coached to their required competencies and their skill gaps. This produces a leadership team who’s aware of the expectations they need to meet and aware of their own areas that require improvement.


Competencies are demonstrated with successful behaviors, habits, and outcomes. Our leadership development approach includes specific action plans to demonstrate module-specific behavior anchors and measurable business outcomes. Each participant is held accountable to change. The reason they’re successful is that the expectation of change is explicit and successful outcomes are well-defined.

Leadership Resource Center

Put Your Leadership Development on Autopilot with Our Customized Leadership Academies

Let’s make sure you’re the exception.

We offer a suite of fully managed Leadership Academies to upskill your leaders and fill the gaps in your organization. All you have to do is send us a list of the employees you’ve chosen to participate.

We do the rest.

Our Leadership Academies are not “stock” learning. They are:

  • 7 - 12 months long
  • Taught live, not via recordings
  • Fully customized to your needs
  • Completely virtual, no travel required
  • 90 minute interactive, live sessions
  • Start-to-finish leadership development
  • Competency & skill development

Our Leadership Academies produce leaders who bring people together and drive business results.

Our Students Love the Learning Academy Experience
& Find it Relevant to Their Positions.

Our Leadership Academies are designed to produce direct business results from the get-go.


100% of the trainees who've participated in the program would recommend that their employer continue to use Epic Leaders to develop leaders within the company.


Participants rated their overall experience working with Epic Leader certified trainees.


Learners felt valued by the investment their employer made in them and requested to attend the next level academy. 


Learners were able to link what they gained in Epic Leaders to a positive business result.


Supervisors are provided with their own guides for all modules to facilitate development conversations between the direct supervisor and the participant.

Separate Leadership Academies for Directors & Above

Executive Leadership requires a private learning environment.

We have two academies—one for management and one for directors & up.

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Our Leadership Academy for early and middle managers.


Our Leadership Academy for Directors, VPs, and C-Suite.

How Leadership Academies Work

Tailored. Virtual. No work for you.


Send us a list of employees who will participate.

We can strategize about which employees are best suited to participate in the Leadership Academies. Then, simply send over a list of names and email addresses for those employees.

304 coaching
304 coaching


We onboard your employees into the appropriate Leadership Academy and meet twice per month.

The Leadership Academies are typically either 7 or 12 months long, depending on your business requirements. Employees block 90 minutes on their calendar every two weeks, where we meet in a group setting to learn, discuss, and review that month’s module. They also receive access to our private membership site, where they can review trainings in our video library to supplement their development.


Watch your leaders produce business results, according to their self-created action plans.

It’s important that leaders learn to identify their own gaps and create action plans to close them. We teach them how. We also report the progress of your participants on a regular basis. You’ll be thrilled with the organizational change you see taking place as participants implement what they learn.

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304 Offers Executive Coaching

We’re also available for individual leadership development coaching, as the needs arise with program participants.

Stack Your Bench with A-Players.

Schedule a complimentary talent strategy session
to see if Leadership Academies are right for your organization.

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