Leadership Academy Coaching + Education

As an organization, you know there is a demand for Competency and Leadership Skill development. Future of work starts with today’s learning strategy. Our Leadership Academies are fully customizable to meet the specific demands of your business.

Why We're Different

We took all of the roadblocks of developing leadership skills in a fast-growing organization and turned them on their head.

Our program is custom designed to the needs of your business, no “stock” learning. Your team will connect with the learning materials because it will be relevant to your business.

Too many programs are based only on theory and “feel good” information. Our leadership academies are built on competency development and skill development. Our implementation sessions are rooted in actual application of the learning allowing your team to practice what they learn.

The leadership academies are taught in a “drip” format over time to allow student to absorb and apply information as it is learned.

It’s difficult to remove your key team members from your business for several days so the classes are 90 minutes each over a period of months. This allows you to keep your team in the game while they develop their skills and grow.

Getting all of your key players in one location for training is expensive and unnecessary. Live sessions are taught in a format where you can log-in from anywhere and actively learn and grow with peers.

Academy Components for the Student
Private Group e-learning Site

  • A custom program accessible to only you and your team, available from anywhere 24/7
  • Group Learning Experience
  • Share experiences enhance the learning process
  • Monthly Learning Packs for Each Module
  • Tailored to the needs of your team
  • Two Group Calls per Module
  • Education Call and Implementation Call
  • Live calls dedicated to your questions and learning needs

Academy Components for the Company

  • Full managed custom designed leadership academy
  • Ability to deliver the training required to upskill managers without exhausted resources and time
  • Supervisor guides for all modules to facilitate development conversations between the direct supervisor and the student
  • Reduce turnover with managers who are focused on leading and developing their teams while building business results

Design Your Custom

Leadership Academy

Epic Leaders and Visible Leadership academies have a full library of leadership modules to support the growth of the Managers on your team. As an organization, you decide what competencies, skills and education your teams need and we custom design the experience for them. There are also options to create specific modules based on the uniqueness of your business.

Learning Pack Library

  • Leadership Branding
  • Becoming a Leader
  • Developing Self
  • Engage and Mobilizing Your Team
  • Coaching Model
  • Conversations That Influence
  • Conversations to Drive Results
  • Maximizing Time
  • The Leader’s Mind – Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Building Strong Networks – Internal and External
  • Resolving Unproductive Conflict
  • Customized options for specific company needs

Program Design

  • Kickoff program can be hosted live or virtually
  • 7 month – 12 month program options
  • Select from a menu of training topics or have custom topics designed for your company
  • Private one-on-one coaching options
Curious how we have helped other companies with their leadership development through our academies?
Every journey begins with a first step, let’s embark on yours. Connect with us today to learn how to bring leadership academies to your organization.
What They’re Saying

I have learned to use what motivates me and then look at what motivates my team. There are many useful tools in these lessons and I'm excited to see how I use the skills I’ve gain over my career.

C. Straight

Completing the Epic Leaders program, I can see that my confidence has grown while interacting with my team. Being able to have a soundboard of peers to run ideas by and to get ideas from has been of great benefit to me.

A. Patterson

Epic Leaders classes have helped me make smarter decisions when it comes to leading my team. It has also helped me in finding the values in the way I manage my area and train my upcoming managers. It is an honor taking the class.

O. Bruno

The courses are pushing the bar for me to think outside the box and strive for excellence. It all starts with the leader and the insights have been great. I’m able to set bigger goals than I thought possible and put forth the different leadership styles needed to lead my team to success.

C. Meyers

Epic Leaderships is helping me with my values and how to lead my team with clear vision and mission. I think learning about our leadership only helps us lead our teams and managers better. I will be using some of the activities we have gone over for my general manager meetings to help them with their values and leadership skills.

C. Lopez

The academy is providing a different perspective on how to view my leadership and my teams leadership styles, as well as, how to engage those styles to optimize performance & impact. It’s also a good reminder of the importance of self-development and the development of others, especially good for those that need a boost on clarifying their roles in the business units.

R. Dean

I have learned to use what motivates me and then look at what motivates my team. There are many useful tools in these lessons and I'm excited to see how I use the skills I’ve gain over my career.

C. Straight

The Epic Leaders program has given me different avenues of thought when it comes to decision making and my own personal leadership goals. Given the tools that this program provides, I can plot out new objectives to help grow myself as a leader. It also helps virtually “seeing” the faces of other leaders throughout the company. Learning from their successes gives me guidance that I wouldn’t have thought to ask for.

J. Harris