Identify the Predictors of Success Specific to Your Company & Only Hire Candidates who Match Those Traits.

Perfect-Fit Candidates Begin with Validated, Perfect-Fit Hiring Criteria
For Companies on an Exponential Growth Trajectory

Adopt a Perfect-Fit Hiring Process
Develop & Retain A-Players
Groom Next-Gen Leaders
Cultivate a High-Performance Culture
Build a Team that Can Handle Record-Breaking Growth

Bad hires are expensive.

Every time you hire the wrong person for the job, it costs you 1.5X their annual salary to replace them.

(Most executives have a hard time believing it, but it’s true according to SHRM.*)

The Hidden Costs of Bad Hires

  • Off-boarding the exited candidate
  • Recruiting the new candidate
  • On-boarding the new candidate
  • Transferring benefits & payroll
  • Managing additional interim workload
  • Training the new candidate
  • Loss of revenue or work product during the interim
  • Intangibles, like employee morale & lost team productivity

*iGrad Author. “Financial Wellness: Is it worth the work?” the Well,, 15 Jan 2020,


Instead, what if you could predict the success of a candidate based on their natural behavior traits at work?

You can with OAD.

The OAD assessment is:

✔️ Fast to take

✔️ Easy to administer

✔️ Accurate

✔️ Affordable

OAD is the highest validated hiring tool of its kind on the market.

Hire Based On Validated Success Factors
not pseudo-science

Most personality assessments are non-validated and ineffective. OAD is different.

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Define success role by role.

We don’t want a talent pool of same-style robots. Diversity in strengths is essential for a well-balanced team. Certain roles need high-creativity levels. Others need stamina. Some need assertive personality styles. Others need patience. Our first step is to define the behaviors and traits that will make a person successful in each role.

Hire the natural fit.

When a person feels their job requires them to consistently behave outside of their natural way of being, they enter what we call a “resignation pattern.” This means that if they’re not already looking elsewhere, they will be soon. OAD helps you hire the natural fit based on a candidate’s behavioral drivers, learning aptitudes, cognitive-reasoning skills, and unique personality traits.

Receive a candidate-specific coaching plan.

Each candidate's OAD assessment includes a coaching report for their manager, detailing the insights a supervisor needs to develop the candidate for the role. Everything is covered, from how a candidate is likely to respond in the work environment to what motivates the candidate to do their best work. These reports help you get the best out of each hire.

Schedule a Free Strategy Call to Explore OAD

Don’t waste time with other non-validated, inferior assessments.

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OAD is the only adjective-based, personnel assessment methodology that conforms to the strictest standards of:

  • The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • American Psychology Association
  • British Psychological Society
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Association of Test Publishers
  • Buros Institute of Mental Measurements


OAD can be used across your organization to maximize the success and happiness of your current employees.

✔️ Build stronger teams 

✔️ Career plan for A-Players

✔️ Provide performance coaching to bring out their best

✔️ Identify natural work behavioral traits

✔️ Refine tasks, roles, & responsibilities based on strengths

✔️ Better understand every employee

✔️ Improve the effectiveness of your management team

✔️ Assess real-life, practical leadership qualities

✔️ Elevate company-wide communication

✔️ Break company records & increase sales

How OAD Implementation Works

Tailored Subscription Programs for New Hires and Ongoing Employee Development

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Step One. Train in-house leaders to administer OAD.

304 Coaching trains your internal team to understand and administer OAD. They have our support throughout the process through ongoing coaching, developing strategic roll-out plans, and navigating the waters, as you adopt the Perfect-Fit Hiring Process.

Step Two. Implement OAD where you need it most.

OAD can be implemented in phases, starting with where it’s needed most urgently. Sometimes, certain roles and hires require the spotlight. In other cases, a department is chosen to adopt OAD first.

Step Three. Roll out OAD according to your business needs.

We’ll work together to assess your talent strategy and where you need OAD next. Your business goals and objectives will lead the way. OAD requires little time and attention to scale.

Everyone should go to work and be their natural self.

Schedule a complimentary talent strategy session 
to see if OAD is right for your organization.


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