JENNIFER THORNTON, A.C.C., FOUNDER Transforming the Future of Work

Jennifer has developed her expertise in Talent Strategy & Leadership Development over her exciting 20+ year career as an HR Professional. She’s led international teams across Greater China, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. to expand into new markets, managing brands and franchise businesses.

Running a high-performance team always boils down to two things: Adopting a “Perfect-Fit” hiring process and developing each hire according to his or her own individual and job-specific talent gaps.

Adopting a Perfect-Fit Hiring Process

A 21st Century Hiring Process can’t be dependent on resumés alone. But most companies over-complicate their hiring process with ineffective, unvalidated (although very common) personality assessments.

The Organizational Analysis and Design (OAD) Assessment replaces them all with the highest validated hiring tool of its kind on the market.

Armed with OAD, our clients are able to accurately predict whether a candidate will be the right fit for a given role. Once the candidate is hired, OAD provides a lifecycle coaching methodology that follows the candidate through their entire career with the company, providing tailored, personalized recommendations and development techniques that are uniquely suited to fill that candidate’s gaps.

And not only that. OAD also demonstrates how to best lead and manage each candidate in a way that inspires, motivates, and guides him or her to produce their best work.

Our passion for the OAD assessment and its ability to rapidly optimize team performance is unparalleled. There are only a handful of certified OAD Consultants, and 304 Coaching is proud to be one of them.

Closing the Talent Gap

Toxic work cultures are detrimental to a company’s growth and the fulfillment of its mission. Alternately, when employees love to come to work each day and feel a sense of responsibility for their performance, while being truly supported to achieve their highest potential, companies flourish.

The Leadership Academies, Conversational Intelligence® training, and Executive Coaching components of 304 Coaching bring that reality to life. The foundation of all we do is called “psychological safety”. When members of a team experience trust, transparency, and shared understanding, bulletproof relationships form. Each member of the team is then willing to go to the ends of the Earth to see their team win.

On the other hand, when psychological safety is absent, there’s infighting. Team members undermine one another. They compete for favoritism. They silo and gossip. And ultimately, they will watch a company go off the talent cliff before they will raise a hand and come forward.

At 304 Coaching, our work transforms teams, individual contributors, and leaders. We get everyone on the same page, speaking the same language, and working together towards a common goal, while closing individualized talent gaps and minimizing business risk through healthy organizational design.


Jennifer’s Expertise & Credentials

Jennifer’s success came from her passion of developing strong talent strategies that enable business plans to come to life. The rapid growth of her consulting firm 304 Coaching has been largely due to Jennifer’s unconventional approach to building innovative workforce development solutions for companies who are facing breakthrough growth and accelerated hiring patterns.

She is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation and holds certifications in several different coaching methodologies including Conversation Intelligence and Gallup Strengths.

She lives in Texas with her family and three rescues. In her free time, she enjoys reading, historic preservation, remodeling her lake home, and spending time with friends.

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Meet the Team


Jen Griffin, ACC, CCTI Program Manager + Coach

Jen Griffin is a leadership coach to executives who know they are ready to make a leap but find themselves holding back. She distills her extensive experience in high-stakes negotiation, fundraising, law, and business to build high-performance teams and braver executives. Jen’s specialty is coaching her clients through the fear-based mindsets that limit their results and their happiness, so they can train themselves to take bigger risks.

In her past career, Jen was the Executive Director of a foundation she started to offer financial resources for amputee youth in the arts, sports, and education. She developed partnerships and collaborations with Nike, Scottish Rite Hospital, The Food Network, and the Dallas Symphony, to name a few. As an amputee herself, Jen became addicted to overcoming fear and “personal limitations”. Today, she loves getting executives hooked on her “I can do anything” mentality.

Ann Remy

Ann Remy, B.A., PgD. Education, MEd. e-Learning Specialist

Ann has a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. She has a passion for learning, leadership, genealogy, cultures, and travel. Helping others continue to learn and develop themselves into the best they can be, is one of the reason she loves being an eLearning specialist, instructional designer, researching genealogy, and managing projects/programs.

Ann has extensive experience working is in multiple areas: disciplines, corporate, government, trades, and educational world. Her greatest skills lie in her compassion to help others bring their visions and passions to life, with a profound ability to work with integrity and authenticity. She has been praised for her genuine desire in establishing a trusting rapport and striving to determine the client’s needs, hopes and desires while maintaining communication each step of the process.


Jody Wissing Visual Designer

Jody is a visual designer and storyteller based in Frisco, Texas. In describing what she loves to do most, it would be to simplify, organize, and visualize content. Her background as a training manager and financial analyst, combined with her design experience, gives her a unique ability to communicate complex content in an engaging way. Her skills range from designing all types of print and digital media to creating captivating marketing campaigns. She has experience with small businesses and nonprofits up through Fortune 500 companies. In her free time, she can be found riding her bike, paddleboarding anywhere she can find water, or adventuring through small towns with her camera.


Julie Cabezas Marketing

Julie is a copywriter to high-performance experts, coaches, and savants in design, education, tech, and the arts. Her early career as a marketing exec in Medtech start-ups transitioned to entrepreneurship after a $1B exit. Thereafter, Julie became an acclaimed personal brand strategist and copy expert. She lives in South Florida with her Cuban-Irish familia.


Meg Gehan Technology Coordinator

Meg Gehan has been a Tech VA for 10 years at Outside the Box Marketing where she uses her knowledge of systems, technology, marketing, and psychology to successfully maintain the day-to-day functioning and long term planning and project implementation of her clients’ businesses.

Her experience as a virtual assistant, training as an OBM and in social work enables her to provide her clients with the technical assistance, branding expertise, outreach marketing, and product development help they need to grow.

Vicky -2

Vicky Gouge Website Design Diva

Vicky Gouge began her creative journey at an early age with a constant passion for drawing and sketching. This passion was the foundation for her excellence in the arts and the numerous awards she won for her creative artwork.

Vicky has gone on to work in every aspect of graphic design and marketing, lending to her expansive knowledge of the industry. As Principal of Full Moon Design Group, Vicky brings to the company a fervor and drive for accomplishment and advancement. Vicky thrives at constantly pushing the bar to be successful in whatever challenge she undertakes. Her motto… worker smarter, not harder. When she’s not busy trying to conquer the world, you can find her relaxing by a pool with a cold beer in hand with the music streaming!

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