A culture of learning. Industry excellence by the carat.


While it was easy on the eyes to be surrounded by such rare and opulent beauty (have you ever been upstaged by a bracelet?!), it was the quality of the conversation for me.

You might be surprised to learn that the luxury jewelry industry is one of the most collaborative and supportive industries ever. The helpful vibe is everywhere; sharing information makes all of us better. “You’ll never learn it all in this industry.” “I’ve been here 20 years and I was today years old when I learned…” These are just a few of the sentiments I heard over the course of a few days. I attended informal salons where otherwise competing jewelry store owners discussed trends, offered peer-to-peer support, and shared opportunities. I felt empowered in the Women’s Council and was blown away by Tiffany Yu’s keynote, which deserves its own email.

There is a “Culture of Learning” here, based on collaboration and constant knowledge building. I am proud to say that Team 304 was a big part of that story; I was there as the Natural Diamond Council launched their Custom Education, a multi-faceted adult learning program that we designed to cultivate confidence and excitement in products and educate retailers.

I was so inspired by this one-of-a-kind experience. It’s encouraged me to double-down on collaboration and constant knowledge building.

Share your story! How are you creating collaboration in your industry? I’d love to hear. Just reach out here and tell me how you’re making more pie, instead of resource-guarding your slice.

Yours in diamonds in the rough, polished to perfection by peer-to-peer learning,

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