Crazy Big Idea Meeting: How to Get Your Team Innovating Without Fear

Have you ever wondered why the room goes dead silent when a leader asks the team to share their big ideas? It’s brain science. The fear that kicks in makes it impossible to get those creative, innovative, creative ideas flowing. 

To make our teams more innovative, we have to reduce fear and create an environment where it feels safe to share ideas. 

So, next time you want to trigger creativity and innovation, hold a crazy, big idea meeting! 

How do we create a situation where the prefrontal cortex opens up and starts exploding with new ideas? How do we prime our teams for this meeting and facilitate it well? In this episode, I share how to create a meeting where people are excited to share all their best ideas.


When we’re told to come up with new ideas, our primitive brain takes over because it’s afraid of failure and judgment. The more fear someone has in their brain, the harder it is to access the problem-solving part of their mind. -Jen Thornton 


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