False Priorities and How to Focus on What Matters.

False Priorities and How to Focus on What Matters


Since launching Let’s Fix Leadership, I’ve been podcasting solo. And while that is so fun, nothing beats the exponential power of two.

Listen in as I join Andrea Olson on More of What Matters. I love this podcast; it is an audio adventure that leans hard into evolving and growing through curiosity and finding inspiration in daily decisions.

In this episode, we go deep on this bold expansion by applying it to my special brand of Leadership and champion-led high-functioning teams.

This ain’t your average podcast guesting experience, it’s like listening to two friends who have known each other for years talking about being daring in decision making…because you are.

“What propels you to say ‘yes’, when everyone else tells you to say ‘no’?”  Andrea asks, and together we launch into an awesome conversation about listening to yourself, making bold decisions, not getting lost in the “Land of Squashed Dreams.”

LISTEN to “False Priorities and How to Focus on What Matters”

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