The Fallacy of False Priorities & How to Start Focusing on What Matters

Are false priorities holding you back from what you truly want? Do you find that the thing you should be focused on gets overshadowed by something not as important? 

I can give you countless examples of areas where this shows up...choosing social approval over honesty from our teams. Allowing underperformers to negatively impact the organization instead of having the tough conversations.

Choosing to be overwhelmed instead of asking for help. Having false priorities does a lot of damage, so why on earth do we do it?

Well…the scientific answer is...we’re human. Sometimes ego, fear, and all sorts of other things get in the way of what matters. 

In today’s podcast, I’ll share how to overcome false priorities.

Our day-to-day actions create these false priorities that are damaging our long-term priorities. - Jen Thornton

Three Things To Take Away From This Episode 

Why we set false priorities
We fall into the trap of false priorities because very often it allows us to avoid uncomfortable situations or conversations. It could also be because of fear, our egos, and everything else that comes with being a human. 

Filter your decisions through what matters
Human beings are prone to setting and even following through on false priorities, so we sometimes need a little reminder to stay back on track. To remedy this, we can create a list of our real priorities and have them close by, where you can view them every single day. 

How to identify the false priorities on your team
How do we move from leveraging false priorities that damage our big ideas to our true priorities? If we have individual false priorities, you can best believe that our teams and organizations have them too. To ferret out what those are, we have to start asking questions and really having the patience to get the answer.

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