Feedback Isn’t Always a Gift: Here’s How It Can Hamper Your Greatness

Feedback, they say, is always good for us. It’s necessary, strengthens our weaknesses, and makes us better, right? Well…not always. 

Sometimes feedback, even if it’s well-meaning, can do more harm than good. It can inadvertently make us suppress our superpowers, and no one wants that! 

Whether you’re giving or getting it, be careful not to kill all the goodness with feedback. In this episode, I talk about how sometimes feedback can be a curse, and how to avoid this.

Learn how to situationally manage what makes you great, so you become an even bigger powerhouse than you
already are today
. - Jen Thornton

Three Things To Take Away From This Episode

Feedback can make you doubt what makes you amazing
Let’s say you’re highly creative and you love finding new ways to do things. The feedback you might get is, “You have too many ideas, you go after too many priorities.” The truth is, innovation and the ability to see what’s possible is extremely necessary on the team - why would you want to eliminate it?

Situationally managing your superpowers
Your best friend can also be your frenemy. A superhero’s powers can also be dangerous. Our superpowers can be that way sometimes. Now, that doesn’t mean you get rid of your best friend, we just have to rein them in. When you can turn your strengths up and down like a dial in different situations, they become even more powerful.

Don’t kill their greatness
As leaders, we’re often guilty of giving feedback that compromises people’s greatness. The next time you provide constructive criticism, ask if it’s going to dull their superpower or if we’re asking them not to do what makes them great. Be careful not to rob your organization of that person’s gifts. 

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