Get Excited About Failure


We’re on a mission to stop making “failure” a dirty word. We’ve come a long way. Business gurus have been celebrating failure for years, but it’s still a fear that gets stuck in the throat. What if I try something and fail? What will my colleague think? What will my family say? What does that mean about me and my ability to achieve? 

Personally, we’re excited about failure. We love a world where growth, development, and authenticity allow space for learning and experimentation.

Words create our world and define how we feel about the same reality. What if “failure” wasn’t synonymous with “doing it wrong” and instead meant “being open to new thought waves”?

Watch one of our favorite episodes of “Say This; Not That” where we challenge you to trade Failure for Experimenting.

What are you excited about failing at today?

Flip the script on the idea of failure; let’s connect.

Personally, we’re excited about failing to inspire you to connect with us by presenting you with an uncharacteristically shorter blog and a message that’s quite meta.

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