Get Good at Guiding the Learning Experience


Setting the stage for learning isn’t just about workshops, worksheets, and self-assessment. It’s about creating an environment where people feel safe, seen, and secure.

Encourage understanding the competencies and skills your employee needs to foster future growth. Gain insight from neuroscience about why people work — financial security, connection, personal growth, contributing to a bigger goal — and make it your mantra to elevate to those values. Develop conversational intelligence and get good at guiding the learning experience.

This is using the human brain, not fighting against it.

What’s more, if you are leading a team today, it’s likely that some (or all) of your people are remote and you’re leading from afar. This requires a unique skill set; leaders must be more intentional and organize objectives across different time zones. We need new paradigms in evaluating results and rewarding people, now that butts-in-seats are so 2019.

By allowing your team to teach new ideas and validate their thinking, we can cultivate a culture of learning and development to stay on pace with business growth.

How are you guiding the learning experience for your team? How are high-level leaders shaping yours? Let’s connect; let us know. We’d love to share in your love of ideas and innovation.



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