History of Leadership and Where it’s Going

We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast for a history lesson - a history lesson on leadership, that is. Ever wondered why I called this show Let’s Fix Leadership? Or why every generation in the workplace feels like the next one “just doesn’t get it”? 

Well, that’s because leadership isn’t static, it’s always evolving. It doesn’t look the same from generation to generation. 

First, we had the “great man theory,” where it was believed that only men are born leaders (yes, I’m rolling my eyes too). Then with social change came a change in how we lead, from transactional leadership to servant leadership. This brings us to today, an age where leaders have to adapt like never before. 

What are the key eras of leadership? How do social changes impact how leaders show up? In this episode, we take a little tour through the different ages of leadership.

Change only comes when it’s forced. A new generation forces leaders to think about leading differently. - Jen Thornton 

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