3 Keys to Leading Effectively Outside Your Expertise

Once upon a working world, the best person doing a job was consistently promoted to the boss of others doing that same job. Now…well, it’s a lot more complex. 

Conventional wisdom used to be that a leader must possess mastery in the fields they oversee. The world is evolving fast, and that norm is gradually giving way to something more flexible - where leaders must adapt. Ultimately, who knows if your current skills will be relevant to your organization in 6 months? 

You can easily find yourself at the helm of an operation that isn’t your forte, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t equipped to do the job and do it well.  

How do you learn to lead beyond your expertise? In this episode, I share the skill set leaders need to lead people doing a job you don’t do. 

Leading people who perform jobs you can’t do demands a shift from being the expert in a specific field to being a versatile leader capable of harnessing diverse talent. - Jen Thornton 

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