Leave Your Leadership Baggage at the Door


If climbing the leadership ladder is your bag, you’re going to have to leave something behind in order to climb. You may not even realize it, but the things that make you feel successful are not always directly relevant in your future roles. You’re going to have to leave your attachment behind at each rung.

You’ll never miss them, though, because with each new opportunity comes new KPIs and definitions of success.

The things that make people successful at one level are not the same things that make people successful at the next. In order to thrive, you’ve got to attach the correct successes to the correct role. Consider someone moving from the role of Director to VP. As a director, it was their job to execute the plan. As VP, however, it’s their job to help people figure out the plan.

This is important. When we advance in leadership, our old way of working and attachments only hold us back. The need for approval from outdated and irrelevant KPIs leads to limiting thoughts and flat-lined thinking.

We all want to feel like we are doing a good job; it’s so motivating. If you’re holding on to past successes, things that got that dopamine hit from the coveted GOOD JOB!, you’re missing out.

How to elevate into a new role or position:

  • Do some deep thinking. What does success look like in this position? Observe other high performers…when/for what/how do they get recognition? Do that.
  • Elevate your mindset and thinking about what you actually do in this position.
  • Attach your success to the things that matter in your position.
  • Let go of the things that you used to be told “good job” for and transfer that successful attachment to the team now currently in that role. Tell them “good job.”
  • Reassign your desired dopamine hit (come through Neuroscience!) to expanded KPIs and role performance.
  • Assure your new attachments are commensurate with the role you are currently

We’re here to help high-performers get the most out of their career and perform at the level they were meant to by letting go of the past and saying hello to new successes.

How are you leaning in to the way the brain actually wants to work to improve your performance and professional satisfaction for yourself and for your team? Connect with us about this blog and let us know. We’d love to know what you’re leaving behind on your last rung.



304 is the Talent Strategy & Leadership Consultant and Neuroscience Expert that helps organizations understand how the brain wants to work so that we can thrive at work. Learn more about neuroleadership.

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