Make Learning Cool: How to Foster a Culture of Discovery

Do you create an environment where it’s cool to learn or do you shut down learning and discovery?

Software, business trends, consumer habits, books, podcasts, legal requirements, and more. Keeping up with all the new things we need to learn is like an Olympic sport, but it’s a *must* if we want to run great teams. 

If we and our teams aren’t learning, we aren’t growing. If we’re not leaders who learn, it’s hard to get our team excited to learn new things. 

How do we make learning part of our team culture? Make learning cool? 

In this episode, I share how leaders can make learning cool, create a team that is focused on continuously learning, and have a little fun celebrating along the way.


Leaders that foster a learning environment empower their employees, and also drive innovation and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. - Jen Thornton 

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