Y’all…It’s Messy at the Top

Before you became a leader, you thought every executive had it all together. They are confident, always know what decision to make, and turning ideas into execution happens at the snap of a finger. You just walk around telling everyone how to execute the plan, how hard could that be? 

Insert the laugh track here…

Leading is messy…we have to communicate effectively, approach problems from multiple perspectives, turn creative chaos into a cohesive plan and a whole lot more.

That is a feature of the job, not a bug, and it is….A LOT. 

How do you get comfortable with having moments of messiness in your leadership journey? In this episode, we talk about how to embrace the messiness of leading a team or an organization.


The challenge for executives is to balance creative messiness with a need for clear and coherent strategy. -Jen Thornton

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