Your Culture Isn’t Your To-Do List, It’s The Long Game w/Rosa Ponce de Leon

Unlike the next meeting, deliverable, or deadline, working on our culture isn’t as simple as penciling it into our calendars. It’s a living, breathing process that never ends, it’s the long game that has to be front-of-mind for leaders. 

We know the world is busy and how easy it is to get bogged down in the to-do list, but the more we can step out of the routine of our roles, the better our organizations get. 

Weaving culture into every single facet of our teams takes a conscious reassignment of our minds. From focusing on our own silo of priorities to the needs of the whole organization. From treating culture as an afterthought to making it the guiding principle. This is what’s required of leaders today. 

How do we step away from the busy work and make culture a priority? In this episode, I’m joined by Business Consultant, Leadership Strategist and host of Powerful At Work, Rosa Ponce de Leon. We talk about the powerful shifts every leader (and organization) must make.

As executives, we just have our calendar out, and we never give ourselves space to really process, think, and have conversations without agendas. -Jen Thornton



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