The Price Of Being An Entrepreneur

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What does it take to go from good to great, from fearful to fierce, from being average to the most elite person of yourself? These are the questions that only action takers get to answer. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to pay the price and win at all cost, this is the show that would help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, or learn from the best in the game to build your legacy.

My name is Pedro Meneses, and these are the Chronicles of a Modern Beast.

What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to another chronicle hour. If this is your first time, be sure to check out the previous episodes and don’t forget to leave me that review so more people can find the show. My guest today, she is a business strategist who developed her expertise over her 20-plus year career as an HR, being the head of International HR for a $4 billion company, one day she decided to leave her nice gig and join the crazy emotional ride of being an entrepreneur. And today she’s here to share her story and experience moving from the corporate world into the entrepreneur world.

0:01:15.0 S1: Welcome to the show, Jen. It’s a pleasure to have you have here.

0:01:18.3 S2: It’s so good to be here and it makes me laugh when you say that because, yes, I gave up a great job to enter this crazy world.

0:01:25.7 S1: Listen, I think that everybody has to give up something when you become an entrepreneur, so we’re gonna talk a little bit about that. I give up a lot of stuff in my life too. I didn’t give up corporate job like yours, but I pretty much left my entire life back in Guatemala for me to become an entrepreneur. I left my entire family, so we all how to pay a really high price when you become an entrepreneur. Before we get into all of that stuff Jen, why don’t you go ahead and tell us about your story, where you’re from, so people can get to know you better.

0:02:00.3 S2: Gosh, my story. The very short version of it is, growing up, I love to shop, and my dream job was to work in the mall and by gosh, that’s what I did. I worked in the mall and dreams come true. We won’t say the year that was because it was before the internet when the mall was the coolest place to hang out, and I had a super cool job at the mall so it was great. I actually really loved it. I managed stores and I grew up in the retail industry. What I didn’t know back then was that at a very young age, I was learning how to manage people, I was learning how to manage payroll, KPIS, customer service, problem-solving, all of the things we need to have a leadership position or run our own business, I was practicing at 16 years old at the mall. At the time, of course, clueless, no idea that that was what I was doing, but it definitely was. Then I just progressed throughout the industry and I spent half of my career and operation side of the business, and then I switched over to HR. I love the talent strategy piece of the business, I love thinking about what is our business objective and how do we get there through our people? So, that’s why I love the HR side.

0:03:12.8 S2: I work domestically here in the US for a portion of that, and then I had the opportunity through a really random phone call from my head of HR who said, “Hey, you wanna move to Hong Kong for a few months?”and I was like, sure why not? And so off to Hong Kong I went which started my international experience. After Hong Kong, I moved to Mexico, after Mexico was London, and kept my HR groups and all those markets, and I did that for, gosh, four or five years and it was amazing. It looked really nice on Instagram and Facebook because I’d have the weekend off and I’d be on the Great Wall of China, who didn’t think my job was amazing. Yeah, and I did love it, but it wasn’t mine. I was working really hard and giving up a lot. You talked about what you give up, I was giving up a lot for that position, and it was wonderful and it was incredible experience, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t mine. I wasn’t calling the shots, I was only executing the shots. I just had this feeling inside that it was time for me to take a leap of faith and go out on my own, and that’s what I did. That’s what brought us to our conversation today.

0:04:24.3 S2: That’s awesome.

0:04:25.9 S1: It sounds like you had a lot of fun during those years.

0:04:29.4 S2: We had so much fun.

0:04:31.9 S1: How long ago you started… You made that transition from corporate… Started being an entrepreneur. What did that happen?

0:04:39.4 S2: I started mentally preparing for it, I always think that’s an important piece of it when you think about jumping off the ledge and going into the entrepreneurial world, typically people do think about the plan, so I’ve been in this role in an entrepreneur for four years, in fact, next month is a four-year anniversary of our business, but I mentally started preparing probably 18 to 24 months before… About two years before I did it, I was like, I just have this feeling inside and I don’t know what it means, and I hired a coach and I explore those feelings and what do I wanna do? What am I good at? And then I started taking courses, classes, educating myself, how do I run a virtual business? I just started educating myself, and so when then I thought I was getting close, I was able to give a long notice, I worked on a six-month notice period, and so the day that I left my corporate job and started this the next day, I already had already had a plan, and I think that was important to me, but also a part of the success story that we’ve had.

0:05:47.8 S1: Right. Okay, I told something because I didn’t do it that way. I just had one was that Bree wish I had a plan like you did, because he was just too much… It was crazy, I would just tie the way I was living my life, so I was like, You know what, screw this, I need to jump into this doing things the way I wanna do it, and I don’t have a plan, there’s no Plan B for me, which I always say that to people, you know, I think sometimes people in your position, when you were in that position about four or five years ago, a lot of people that don’t make that decision and say, Okay, let’s move from here and go start my own stuff, because they have many options in their hands, who I always say to people is you have to remove all the options because if you allow yourself to how many options you… You can make an excuse is he’s like, Oh no, I’m just gonna wait for this to happen, he’s gonna want to receive this Botero, I’m just gonna wait for this too… It’s never gonna happen. And one of the things I would like to cite to my guest, because you were mentioned something very important, and I know there’s a lot of people in my audience that they are in that same position, probably they don’t have a corporate job either on a…

0:06:55.1 S1: You did, it was amazing. But they’re still in some position where they are debating between, do I start my own business? Do I become an entrepreneur? Draftee working for these people. Because I know a lot of people feel the same way. I felt the same way at some point when I had a job and I was like, I don’t like this, this doesn’t belong to me. I’m not building nothing for myself, and it really felt empty to me, but how their thought process really looked like when you started to like, Okay, let’s feel the plan, what were you step by step of your plan… You mentioned educating yourself, mentors, but other than having a mentor to guide to you, how does that break down the process for when you started to put in your transition from corporate to entrepreneurship?

0:07:42.9 S2: It’s an interesting process, and I love that our stories are different because I think everyone listening has their own unique story too, and when I thought about that process for me, what was important was that I have to pay bills. The reason a lot of entrepreneurs give up is because the bills come a call in and you got choices and you gotta pay those, and so… And You need… Talk about your plan B. I also was like, I’m not gonna have a Plan B, because the plan B is going back to work for the man and going back to this big corporate machine, and I just… I was done with a machine, and so a part of my process was to say, What’s the bare minimum that I can financially live on, and what’s the bare minimum I can run a company on, and what’s that number? And then here’s what I can do, and here’s how I can make those bare minimums, I even said to myself, I don’t care if I’m out waiting tables on nights and weekends, if that’s what it takes to pay my bills and not give up, I’m willing to do that, which is insane at that point in my career, people are like, What, how would you go from running this international huge HR company for a publicly traded company waiting tables, I was willing to do anything to make sure that I figured out how to run my business and so that was a big piece of it, was, What’s the financial bare minimum, what am I willing to do? What am I willing to give up from a lifestyle standpoint, and what were those choices and that’s kind of was my biggest mental hurdle, was how am I gonna pay the bills, ’cause if I can figure that out, I can figure anything else out.

0:09:18.0 S1: And that’s the thing a lot of people is not willing to do and how things Smith, but now that you’re saying that probably that that back in a couple of years ago, it would be a good question for me to ask to myself… I will just be the better minimum you can live on, and I think that’s important because yeah, there’s some sacrifices, there’s things that you have to sacrifice when you become an answer for a… Start building your own business, right? But a lot of people don’t see it that way. And like I said, I’m glad I got you saying this, because here’s the thing, when you become an entrepreneur, Daro price, I always say to people, This is the way I see being an entrepreneur. This is a way of life, this is not just some fancy war that not everybody likes to use, and everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, and they believe that being an Arbroath on your Instagram where you’re starboard your fucking Mac… It doesn’t work that way. You know, there’s a lot of how there’s a lot of pain in this. There’s so much study have to go through in order to become the person who ate the serves to be that successful entrepreneur.

0:10:13.5 S1: And been there, and people don’t get that and people don’t understand that there’s decided to sacrifice, you need to know exactly what are you’re gonna do, but you have to remove the excuses and you have to remove the option, so I got you saying that because now many people have mentioned that they have also removed the excuses or the options… Sorry, you just say, which is awesome because I can identify with that a lot.

0:10:37.2 S2: Yeah, and I used to say things like… ’cause one of the things that I do in our companies, we talk a lot about fear and how fear holds us back, and you have to acknowledge the fear that you’re feeling so that you can negotiate with it to get through your obstacle. And so my fear was, what if I can’t pay my bills? So Plan A was, Hey, I’ll go and I’ll drive an Uber. There’s always a job for someone willing to do a job, right, so I’ll go out there and do any job to do it, and then the other thing too, to really back my fear down, and it wasn’t a plan B, but I was… It was, You’re going to be okay, where it was the worst thing I use to always tell myself all day long, every day, the worst thing that can happen today is that you have to go find a job… That’s the worst thing. Okay, I can live with that. The worst thing isn’t that I’m gonna die, the worse thing isn’t that I’m gonna lose my house, the worst thing isn’t that I can’t go by and now pair ashes.

0:11:34.5 S2: The worst thing is I go get a job and I can do that. And so that was kind of a mental game that I played with myself on those days where I woke up, I looked at it, my empty screen, there was no emails, no work, and I showed up, and I think that’s the other thing that just pops in to my head, I meet people all the time, they’re like, How did you get your business off the ground? I tried it, I didn’t make it, or I’ll meet someone who’s like, Yeah, I quit my job, I’m gonna be an entrepreneur, and I’m like, Great, what did you do today? For your business… Well, I didn’t have anything on my calendar, so I hung out the poll all day, it’s so much like an entrepreneur to me, you’ve gotta show up every day, and even if your calendar is empty, I would sit in front of my laptop because I was on my working hours, so by gosh, I was gonna work, I would play on LinkedIn, I would watch a free course, I would research something, but I was physically working, which made me available for work to come in, and I was making connections and I was learning how to talk to people in a different way to get business, but I think too many people, like you said, have this idea that you just said at Starbucks with a MacBook and you’re pretty coffee and other money is gonna rain from the sky, and it’s not…

0:12:47.6 S2: You set in front of an empty screen for a lot of hours working to make yourself available for the work…

0:12:54.0 S1: Yeah, you know, that’s one of those scariest things in the beginning for me too, and I have seen my counters like, Holy shit, there’s nothing you hear… You have to figure out a way to make it work. And it’s funny what you’re saying when you were saying about even and take care of tables and stuff like that, you will actually go and do that and not… For now, to go back to work for somebody, and it’s funny because at some point in my life, how to deliver groceries, because I found myself in the same position, I was like, I don’t wanna go to work for nobody… Don’t see myself doing that. And at that point, we were a couple of years, so answer, entrepreneurship are ready, and some of the things that we were doing went wrong, and we had like six months of really, really hard financial uses, and at that point… Even my wife, she was like, maybe we just need to go get a job as I fucking out. We’re not gonna do that. Exactly. Is a non-entrepreneur. She’s a real… Both realtors, I do all their stuff to marketing a lot stuff, but a dapper like, No, we cannot do that.

0:13:57.8 S1: We need to find us a different solution because if we go back to that position where we’re never gonna start again do it, our stuff and doing our business, so we’re gonna get comfortable with that, so we have to find a solution and keep doing something on our own… And that was the opportunity because when you know all those kind of gigs like Uber and that kind of stuff, you’re on your own boss to, you know, it depends on you. And I graded my own system, I kinda like cracked code of this deliver stuff, and I was working only like four or five hours and on a day, and I was making a 500 a day. So fantastic, I was like, Holy shit, I figured this out now, so I can go and do this for four or five hours and then have the rest of the day to work on my business, and that’s what we did, and I would find… No, man, we’re doing great and a lot of stuff, but that’s surprised that we had to pay at some point of…

0:14:48.3 S2: Yeah, it makes such a difference when you’re just willing to do whatever, and once you quit, how are you ever gonna get started again because you’ve provided yourself with this evidence of failure, you’ve just back into a new life, and when you quit… I just don’t know how I would have ever gotten started again If I quit… Right. Yeah, you know.

0:15:09.6 S1: It is a process. You’ve been into this for four years on in your own business, how was your first year in business, how that look like? Because a lot of people, they think that, Okay, I gotta start a business today, and then six months things are gonna be like runoff the ground like, Oh my god, all these clients and that stuff is not really… I know it takes a lot of time, especially in coaching and at stuff, especially in coaching, because you coach people, right? You help people. Coaching is a very tough industry, there’s so many girls out there and people that promise all this stuff to help you and kind of stop, but… It is a tough industry. So how was your first year as a coach?

0:15:52.9 S2: I was incredibly fortunate. All of those years, I was working in a corporate environment. What I didn’t know… Again, it’s so much I was doing that I had no idea I was doing. One of the other things I was doing was taking care of my network, and I always showed up every day at work, willing to do anything for anyone, willing to do above and beyond, deliver quality work, build great relationships. I networked out in the industry, but outside my company, I stayed in contact with people when they left the company, but I did that because I just truly enjoyed networking, I truly enjoy the relationships. So when I hung out my little shingle and said, I have a business, I immediately had a handful of clients, because those people who had gone on to different companies knew me, they knew what I was capable of, and so they were like, Well, oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re out on your own, could you do this or could you do that? Now, that first year was in gang-busters certainly, kept a modest way of living because I also knew that I had to invest back into my company, and I had…

0:16:57.4 S2: I invest in to me. And so I loved Bar bone that first year, covering the basics because everything extra went back into the company, and when I say company also myself, I’m always… In an education program, I’m always working on myself because then I can help others work on them, I also didn’t get overly attached to my business model, my business model today looks nothing like what I thought it would look like, I… Thank goodness, it’s five times bigger than I ever thought it would be in four years, but that’s because I didn’t get attached to it, I allowed it to evolve and I allowed myself to be open-minded. And the other thing, which I’m gonna piss off a whole bunch of people when I say this, so get ready and my piss people off to to the whole concept of you have to have a niche and stay in a niche and never go out of your niche, I think that it just is ridiculous to me, and I didn’t much down, I was willing to take work, and what that did is it exposed me to so much more, so many more opportunities, and I have no doubt that my business is the size it is today, because I didn’t much down, so everyone who tells you to do that, you know if it’s right for you, right for you, if it’s not, then don’t Fein do it, don’t…

0:18:14.0 S2: You don’t have to do what people tell you to do.

0:18:16.6 S1: Yeah, I think when it comes to that meet out… What people you wanna work with? I think it depends too, because I have seen people like other people like that, they don’t really focus on one niche and they’d be a successful company, but I think certain people have to… When I had the company for marketing for breweries, obviously that was very niche down because I was just working with breweries, so I needed to focus specifically with breweries, but I think at the end of the day, as long as you keep doing the work, as long as you know exactly who you wanna work with, not necessarily in each, but if you know exactly the type of clients that you wanna have, I think you can make things work for sure. And you mentioned a couple other things very important and a lot of people need to understand, especially when they start in entrepreneurship, and the never-ending story of education of like you said, educating yourself of evolving to only in your business better, personal… There’s always a new level. There’s a lot of people don’t understand that there’s never some finish line for this, and that’s some of the thing that really makes me happy, because I’m the kind of person that I never in my life, I saw myself being retired, I always see myself working…

0:19:31.4 S1: I would see myself doing something, but they want you to understand, when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re running your own business, you helping other people first have the more obligation to help other people… Right? Second absolutes, you’re gonna have to keep educating yourself every single day, you have to keep growing every single day, you have to work on your mindset every single day, you have to take care of your health every single day, and there’s always a new level. They’re so way more that only version of yourself, it doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s something that is… It is a progress about… Progress is not about perfection. Right.

0:20:03.6 S2: Yeah, it is. It’s about that evolution, it’s about growth and it’s about being okay where you are, and knowing that chances are tomorrow you’ll be a little bit better, but too often we think about, Well, I’m not good enough today, I’m not this, I’m not that, and I’m like, But who cares, ’cause if you stay focused today too, you’re gonna be a little tiny bit better and therefore a tiny bit better the next day, and I have a really good friend who recently left her corporate job to start her own gig, and she keeps trying to compare herself to where I’m at, and I’m like, I’m four years in. I don’t forget what my first year looks like, and so you’ve gotta also be really careful about getting in that trap of comparing yourself, don’t forget some of the biggest brands out there started in people’s garages, so your business can start in your garage to…

0:20:53.2 S1: Every single person journey is different, it can take you 10 years to be a diss. It can take you three or four years. Everybody’s different. We have different… Different ways to do the things. So everybody is different, and that’s something that is very important. And a lot of sand, I have been… I’m guilty of that too, and I’m sure to point everybody… Start comparing themselves to others, especially when you’re in that position where you’re like, You don’t see the progress, you don’t see the results coming in yet, but you have to understand that old… Is this compounding… Start compounding from Colin, eventually you’re gonna start seeing their results, but you cannot compare yourself to others, that’s completely… Truly, no, that’s the worst you say you can do because here everybody journeys to say… Even if you’re in the same industry, like not everybody journeys the same…

0:21:44.1 S2: Everyone’s journey is unique, and that’s what’s so fantastic about this world that we’re all living in as entrepreneurs, is you just don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and you can either be in fear of that or you can get really damn excited about it, and I get really damn excited about it. And what your coach I had early on in my business was so fantastic at them for two years, met with every single week for two years, and I would get all wrapped up and where’s the business coming from? And not this contract pose and I don’t have the next one, and he’s like, Did you know where that one was gonna come from, and I said no, and he goes, and why would you know where the next one’s gonna come from? And so I constantly am saying, I don’t know where it will come from, but I know it will come… Therefore, my brain accepts and see things, so instead of my brain not seeing opportunities by all my brain, Steve is opportunities because I know that that’s all it is, and those mind games that mind… You get to take care of your growth mindset, all that, so if you said is absolutely true.

0:22:43.7 S2: But it’s even just really small things about how do you look at the business coming in and know what drives business and then allow it to show up without the head trash, because if you go have that head trash, you can’t do the right things to allow it to come in.

0:23:00.2 S1: Absolutely, and it’s funny that you mentioned that because I was about to start asking you some about mindset, a little bit about your routine, how that looks like because I’m a huge believer in mindset, I think that’s where everything starts, because if you don’t have the right mindset you’re screwed, there’s no way you’re gonna be able to do anything in life if you don’t have the right thought, the right thought process and the ride mindset, the right habits that will keep you strong. Whatever comes to your way, it’s almost impossible to actually get through all this stuff, so what is some of your routine to you… Give your mind sharp to… You have a morning routine. How that looks at in your life…

0:23:41.3 S2: You know, I’m somewhat of a typical entrepreneur, I probably work more hours and the average person think someone should, but that’s okay ’cause I actually really love it, and I really don’t care that I work at 10 hours, so I’m kind of cool with it. I’m an early person, I get up really early. I am in my office before most people are probably awake every day, but that is my time to get my head on straight, it is my time with a clear head, a clear conscious to say what’s important today, follow up on the team’s activities, what are they doing who do I need to contact? I do any correspondence, all of that stuff I do, and then take my dogs for a walk, so by the time the world turns on at 80 AM, I’m at a place where all I do is focus on my clients from eight until whatever time it ends at afternoon, I do nothing but focus on my clients, and at the end of the I’m exhausted, I don’t have the mental strength now to edit or to think about the next business idea or to record stuff for our YouTube Can…

0:24:42.9 S2: I don’t have that, I only have it in the morning. And so I allow myself to step away when I’m exhausted and done for the day, because I know that next morning there is that time for me to do it where I’m productive and fresh and it’s my system. So it works for me and everyone has to find their own, but I love my morning quiet time, it is the most productive part of my day.

0:25:05.9 S1: Yeah, I totally agree with you. And that same thing happens to me. You know what, I need to do like the podcasts or videos or content or whatever, I need to… Like creative stuff, I have to do it before a noon because of afternoon. That’s it. My brain is like, Now it’s awesome. I can focus on sales, I can get in sales conversations, talk to people, but I lost my creativity afternoon, that’s it. So I only have that period in the morning where I can get creative, get a lot of stuff done, and then I could do the rest of the stuff by the tedious stuff that doesn’t require you to get all creative and stuff, but… Yeah, mindset for everything. For me, is really the thing that carries me through whatever life’s trying to put on our way… You know what I mean?

0:25:51.8 S2: Well, what’s so interesting, and what I wish I would have known younger, and what I wish I would have known even when I started this business, but I didn’t know, but through continuous education, I’ve learned, is that our brain… It’s a funny little guy, it’s really an asshole two-year-old that needs discipline, and our brain believes whatever we tell it. So if we tell it, our business is gonna fall, if we tell it that we’re a failure, if we tell it that we’re not as good as everyone around us, guess what, it believes it, and you create actual neuro pathways that those thoughts set on… Therefore, you have those chemical reactions which cause your feelings, your emotions, your actions, and so even when I am worried, I just tell my brain, Hey, it’s been fantastic so far, why won’t tomorrow be any difference? And I stay on those neuro pathways so that the chemicals in my brain support success and not failure, and if I only know that you… If I’d only known that earlier in my career, who knows, you know where I’d be, but I’m pretty happy where I am.

0:26:53.5 S1: In when I came to understand all that stuff too, about the mindset about your mind is like… I feel the same too, is I wish I knew all to stop by 10 years ago, it would be a deal in there right now, I know it’s like an IT only.

0:27:08.0 S2: But that’s the things I teach, and that’s why I get so excited to do what I do because I’m trying to help people learn what I now know. And that’s why our clients have the success they have, it’s why we continue to grow our business because we are truly emotionally in this to help them have better lives, not be better leaders. Obviously, that’s what we’re coaching for, but at the end of the day, the reason I do what I do is I want better communities, and to have a better community, people have to be happy at work, you have to provide for their family without fear. And when you provide for your family without fear all day long and you go home, you treat your children better and you have better conversations and better relationships, you’re setting a better example for your children. Therefore, your children go to school and they go to the playground, and everyone interacts in such a different way, and I really do think one of the ways to build better communities is to build better leaders and better work environments.

0:28:03.0 S1: Yeah, absolutely, it’s like one of my network groups, we follow on… We have this routine, like I said, daily routine that we call the G-code, so it’s pretty much the four things that we focus every single day in our lives and our gratitude, our genetics or grind in our group. So those are the four. Jesters, why we focus on all of these four things is because my mentor teacher is like… He believes that if you really wanna be successful, you have to take care of these four areas if you’re like, You’re gratitude, because if you’re not grateful for what you have in life, you’re never gonna be grateful for… Who do you get it? Exactly what you want in life, your health, your genetics is because what’s the point of making so much money and the giving back to the fricking hospital because you couldn’t take care of herself before… And then you’re sick, right? And then you’re crying because obviously you need to show up every single day and do the work I can do your business and make sure that you build it… You continue to build your business, and then your group…

0:29:06.2 S1: And when we talk about a group, it’s mostly your family of choice on your family origin, ’cause most of the time, Pei, you’re an entrepreneur, your family of origin is not gonna be there because they don’t understand what you’re doing, they can… Our graph stay, you’re being an anteater, like we don’t have a stable job and not stuff, and most of the time I see lot of my friends that they haven’t talked to their families for years because it cannot have that conversation because they really don’t understand each other, but it’s mostly about your family of choice and the people that used to write yourself, and obviously your spouse or your friends, your people, and you’re networking a lot stuff and really build those relationships because alignment, it’s more important. An assignment, right? You can know your mission in liver, if you’re not aligned with the right people, you’re not gonna be able to succeed in life either, so we focus on noise for things and we actually… And it’s incredible how your life start changing, well, you’re focusing these things, you get intentional because you get what you’re focused on, so when you go every single day and you know that you have to do your work, you’re diligent with your schedule, you’re diligent with your health you know that every single day you have to work out, eat healthy.

0:30:13.2 S1: All that kind of stuff. Everything just start lining is incredible, you know. It is.

0:30:18.5 S2: It’s fascinating. I love that you talk about alignment with different people, and I will say there are people in my life that my relationships have changed with them, and I know that… That’s about them, it’s not about me. And I have a very good friend who was very supportive in the beginning with my business, and then as my business grew, she now says things like, Oh, you’re just in it for this, and I’m like, No, that’s not true. I’m in it for the reason I’ve always been in, and it’s about communities, about work place, health, mental health, now does that happen to create a successful business? It does, but my why has never changed, the outcome continues to grow because it’s a crop that I have, I have watered and cared for and watched over, and… Yes, it’s created something successful, and it’s just funny that when you become a successful entrepreneur, how people start to make judgments toward you, but if you are in it to be like and you’re in it to please other people than you, you and your business will fail. You have to stay true to who you are. And the Hargitay Lord sits on there.

0:31:32.7 S2: But it’s true, and some of my friends now look at me differently, and I’m okay with that because I’m still true to myself and I’m still true to why I start for this business.

0:31:42.9 S1: Yeah, you know, a lot of people need to understand that you have to be okay with people not liking you because you are leveling up when they’re staying in the same place, and that’s the whole idea of this on every single day. If you continue to stay in the same place. What’s the point? What happened is what purpose it will film and you’re gonna find being the same for the rest of your life, but if you continue to level… Area of your life, regardless of what other people say. They wanna stay in the same place. Good for them. That’s their choice. But in my case, for example, I always say to me and my family, we’re not gonna be average. That’s how motorboats very minor. Me and my family, we will serve the Lord. Set up for me and my family, we will not be average, and that’s a motor because we really want to become the most diversion of ourselves, we really want to get to that point when we are the best of the best that got created in us, and that a piece.

0:32:41.6 S2: A lot of people. And.

0:32:43.3 S1: That’s okay, I’m okay with that. You don’t like it like, five, this off. I don’t need you in my life. That’s fine, there’s more people coming, but what are the things that I like that you mentioned, you said to your friend, and I think that’s the key why you’re being successful is because you are focusing on helping others, you’re focusing on what really matters, and the money is just coming. And that’s something that a lot of people, especially for you guys listening that… Or you start in the business. You’re ready to make the jump. You have to understand that you have to focus on what really matters and that is helping others, or like you said, really build in this community, it’s really costing an impact instead of focusing on the money, because if you focus on the money, you’re gonna fail, but if you focus on what really matters, then the money just follows…

0:33:29.2 S2: Right, it does, and I always focus on impact, and I teach my clients, but no matter what they’re doing, you focus on impact, because impact is why we do whatever decisions we’re going to do or make, and so if I was in it just for the money, then my, I wouldn’t have the impact, I wouldn’t have the emotional impact and the need to drive and learn, and the need to have this customer service, because we have clients to stick with us for a year after year, and we grow our relationships with them because we’re making an impact, if I was in it for the money, I wouldn’t be doing that. I also look at how I reinvest in my company different, could I cash out more money if I cut corners, if I showed up half-ass instead of to the level I think I could or if I wasn’t paying… Spending the type of money I spend on myself every year for self-development… Could I make more money? Absolutely, so for people who think I’m in it for the money, they are wrong, I spend so much money over delivering because I want the impact there, and so for me it’s about the impact and then the rest follows.

0:34:33.0 S1: A… Also, at the end of the day, it’s like, who’s gonna be a happy… More money, right? At the end of the absence… Yeah, no, but what I’m saying is, I want money to indent. Get me wrong, I know we do it. Why would I building our businesses? Obviously, the motivation is not money, but I have… I wanna try in the Lamont yoakam Ry. That’s where… That’s for sure. And that’s the thing, and a lot of people, when they ask me is like, Oh no, you’re so great, you know the stuff and all… You don’t think about money and this, I’m thinking about money, man, I’m thinking about casting an impact to you, now I’m thinking about What can I do better we… I’m thinking about how can I help and not stuff, and if the money comes, that’s gonna be awesome, and guess what, I’m gonna enjoy it and I’m gonna spend it too, but I’m gonna use some of that Martha other people as well. But at the end of the day, I believe that… Like I would say, I believe that we live in this bond work, God created this world, and I don’t think we have a poor guy, and I think money matters is actually the second topic more mentioned in the Bible, money, because it matters.

0:35:42.1 S1: So I believe that if you’re a good steward and you know what you’re doing, and you put someone other people interest first and actually helping others, you’re gonna be blessing, you have abundance. So there’s nothing here about it.

0:35:53.4 S2: So there is a… Money just makes you more of what you are. So if you are a generous soul, the more you have, the more generous you’re gonna be, if you are each judgment is mental soul, the more money you have, the more judgmental you’re going to be, if you’re evil and mean and back stabbing the more money you… Guess what? The more of that you are… And so I think that money makes us more of what we are, and I try to be an incredibly kind person, and money has allowed me to be even kinder, I can donate more, I can do special things for my employees that I wouldn’t be able to do if the company was unprofitable, like having a profitable organization has allowed me to be a better version of me because I’m generous and I can be more generous.

0:36:42.6 S1: Absolutely, my mantra with her, the money as a magnifier, like alcohol is a magnifier too, if you’re an asshole, he’s gonna be a bigger asshole, is just what it is, but it’s true, but anyway, so what do you… Of to know how things look like for you this year. So.

0:37:00.4 S2: This year has been fantastic, I think then there’s always silver linings that of really difficult times, and after covid, I think employers are really recognizing that they have to change the way they lead, they have to change the way they give back to their employees and people are now really signing up to do more for the mental health of their employees, and I couldn’t be happier for those employees and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the journey of that with our clients, and so August of 2021… So just a couple of weeks away is our four-year anniversaries, we have lots of fun things planned for that for our clients and our followers, and we’re just continue to truck along, do great work and just hear this business evolves because I’ve learned… Like I said, the beginning, the more open you are to the evolution and more evolution you have…

0:37:49.9 S1: Absolutely, no, I love that. No, it’s awesome. So where people can find you genital, to you anymore about you… Yeah, go ahead.

0:37:58.0 S2: Yeah, you can find us at, or you can connect with me on LinkedIn at Jen Thornton ACC and we can continue the conversation there.

0:38:07.4 S1: Awesome, no, I really appreciate it. But before we go, Jen, I always ask this question, or I always ask this to my gasoline, one last piece of advice for my audience on that little gem that you believe that I can change someone’s life and even actually make them take action right now or whatever. Or I don’t know if I should do it, I should try it. You know? Yeah.

0:38:33.0 S2: So my gem of information is Fear is only a chemical reaction, there’s no truth to it, and we are fear-based animals, it’s how we stay alive through evolution, and so every time that fear comes into your mind and comes into your mind in a million different ways, any time you second guess yourself, it’s just fear, it’s just a chemical reaction, there’s no reason you have to respond to it or accept it.

0:38:56.4 S1: We love it. Yeah, grower. I don’t like that.

0:39:00.8 S2: That’s alright. The big old jerk. Anyhow, I know.

0:39:03.3 S1: Right? Anyway, it was a great pleasure to have you here today, Jen. I really have a good conversation. I know I’m being struggled a little bit because I wanna say I’m a little bit sick, but still I did wanna Amis opportunity, ’cause I know that we were trying to get you into the show for a few months, but I appreciate you being here and taking a town for being into chronicles. Thank you so much.

0:39:23.9 S2: It’s so fun, thank you so much, I appreciate it.

0:39:26.6 S1: Absolutely, and for you guys listening, if you enjoy the show, matures with somebody, put it on social media, email, tag me or whatever, you can just to help us spread the word and also make sure you’ll leave us have review in a sense, so more people didn’t find the show, I will see you guys on the next episode in the meantime, keep working hard, I Charlotte, guye.

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