Why Do Leaders Lead?


Ask any leader and they all have the same story, “I was put in my first leadership role as a teenager.” They’ll tell you about their rise to leadership through retail, food service, babysitting, or dog walking. “I was a manager at 16”, our own graphic designer, Jody, shared recently. “Can you imagine?”, she marveled.

We sure could. Every single person knew what it was like to have a long-standing reputation for being the one people look to when problems need solving and things need to get done—and this sparked the conversation…. Why do leaders lead?

Team 304 thinks that inspired leaders, the people who love it and get great satisfaction from the role, have some pretty powerful personality traits in common.

Get to know the DNA of an Inspired Leader 

  • Inspired leaders absolutely love working together on things and learning together as a team.
  • Inspired leaders are really good at enrolling people in the vision and uplifting everyone to live the dream.
  • Inspired leaders deeply understand modern and progressive management concepts; they aren’t just “talking the talk”.
  • Inspired leaders know there is always more than one way to do something.
  • Inspired leaders practice humility and accessibility.
  • Inspired leaders are imaginative and motivational; they know that actions are formed from beliefs and values.
  • Inspired leaders punt fear out of the stadium like Superbowl Sunday.

Leaders, inspired and progressive, you are our people.

We know just what it takes to build a vibrant and high-performing team of doers, thinkers, and creators. If you are the kind of leader that wants to take your team to the goal, however lofty, it’s our job to help you get there.

Why do you think leaders lead? Or at least, what has motivated you to take on leadership roles throughout your career? We’d love to know what makes your own Inspired Leader tick. Let’s connect; let us know what you think.



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