A Refresher Before Q1 Ends

We may just be 67 days into 2024, but we’re actually almost at the end of Q1…can you believe it? Time flies for busy leaders who have so much going on.

Those goals and intentions you set earlier this year seem so far away, so it’s always wise to have refreshers along the way.

With that in mind, let’s revisit our episodes so far…

You can’t make a delicious omelette without breaking a couple of eggs. Leadership is the same - you need to break things to progress - old systems, mindset, behaviors and habits…find out why this is my goal for this year.

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Before you became a leader, you thought “it’s probably much simpler at the top”...insert the laugh track here. Why is it so messy at the top? 

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“Opportunities”...it’s a totally innocent and well-meaning word, right? Well…no. Learn a better word to use here.

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The tech we know how to use today is going to be outdated in a blink. Learn why digital curiosity has to be part of the continuous growth of leaders and our teams here.

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Many leaders have the epiphany that it’s not culture if you have to micromanage to achieve it. It becomes culture when people perform when no one’s looking. Learn how one organization turned culture into something tangible and trackable here

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So, dear leader, I hope this little refresher helps you recommit to your goals and puts you on course to make 2024 your best year ever! 


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