The Neuroscience of Leadership: How to Eliminate Fear and Create Safety w/Danny Langloss

Now that we know a lot more about how the brain works, a lot of what we’ve been taught about leadership is just plain wrong. We have to throw it out the window and never look back. 

From a neuroscience perspective, there are 2 categories of chemicals constantly firing off in our brains - happy hormones and fear hormones. 

The old school model of leadership did nothing but trigger a good old cortisol hijack - induce fear and kill innovation. In order to have cultures that bring out the best in people and produce great results, everything we do has to mitigate fear. 

In a nutshell: in the modern world, leadership isn’t about power, it’s about empowerment. How do we create psychological safety and eliminate fear? 

In this episode, I’m joined by speaker, leader, and host of The Leadership Excellence podcast, Danny Langloss. We talk about the brain chemicals of leadership and how we can create environments that induce the right ones.

Leadership isn’t about power and control, it’s about service and empowerment. -Danny Langloss


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