Yesterday It Was Benefits, Today It’s Total Rewards with Lauren Winans

Employee benefits used to be pretty standard, boilerplate stuff. A 401k here, health insurance there and maybe a generous time off allowance thrown into the mix. Today, we recognize that we’re humans (shocker, right?) and that work and life have become so intertwined. We need benefits programs that actually serve the whole person and enhance their entire lives. 

Enter lifestyle accounts, flexible work schedules, gym subscriptions, takeout vouchers, and now you’ve got a benefits program that’s more in line with today’s employee. How can employers create programs that meet employees where they are? Can we negotiate our benefits? 

In this episode, HR Consultant and CEO of Next Level Benefits, Lauren Winans shares what’s changed in benefits programs and how employers can use them to lead the whole person. 


The total value of benefits is something more ingrained in today’s thought process, not only on the employer side, but also on the employee side. - Lauren Winans


Guest Bio

Lauren Winans is the CEO and Principal HR Consultant at Next Level Benefits. Next Level Benefits is a nationally-certified HR consulting firm staffed with former corporate HR professionals in all HR disciplines. Each member of our team has at least 20 years of corporate HR experience from Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, and well-known brands around the world. Lauren founded Next Level Benefits in 2019, offering HR teams access to former corporate HR professionals on-demand when they need them most. For more information, head to, or follow the team on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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