Leading the Whole Person (Because We’re a Lot More Than Our Job Titles)

Remember when we could leave our personal lives at home, and leave work at the office? Simpler times, am I right…

Then came technology, laptops, phones, and watches that give you meeting reminders and email notifications and it became impossible to separate professional you from the other parts of your life. Back then, work had no interest in our lives outside of our working hours - we had two lives and they never crossed each other. 

Now, everything is all mushed together and we can’t clearly define the two worlds. For leaders, the reality of balancing all this is a challenge. How do you lead multi-dimensional individuals with lives that run alongside their work? 

In this episode, I talk about how leaders can lead holistically, making it a priority to support the whole person.


Work used to be a one-way street, it got to come into our personal lives when it needed us, but we were still expected to leave our personal lives at the door. - Jen Thornton

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