Bring Great Ideas Into The Fold by Activating Teams (and Deactivating Fear)

It’s never been more important to reinvent the way we lead teams. That old-school fear-based way of doing things is so 2018…or should we say 1818?

The chemical reactions in our brains impact results and how we work together. Being afraid of the boss, office politics, or crisis culture is not a positive environment.

We must rewrite the language we use to build teams and create an environment that brings forth conversational intelligence. Words create our world and define how we feel about the shared reality.

When we lead with Psychological Safety and make it an important part of company culture, we tap into the brain’s natural neuroplasticity, the change in hard-wired thinking, when we are most receptive to new ideas.

If you’re looking to inspire innovation, set the tone with language that sets the stage for growth, development, and authenticity. This allows space for learning and experimenting.

Activate your team by making fear and fear-based management styles a thing of the past. The less you fear, the more access you have to ideas and innovation.

Did you ever work for someone who managed with a controlling, directive style? Connect with us here and share how they should have done better.

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