Create a Culture of Peak Performance


Have you ever felt stuck and stagnant at work? It’s a real drag. When we don’t feel trusted (or trusting), when we get stingy with our ideas and opinions, when we don’t feel like being a team player anymore, everybody suffers.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The future of workplace communications is bright. If the last 18-months have taught us anything, it is that innovation and growth do not happen in a vacuum. We need each other to “do business” in a way that aligns action with company goals, values, and vision. We need leaders who are invested in creating a healthy, collaborative culture. If we want a culture of peak performance, we’re going to need to co-create one.

If you’re done with being in crisis mode and ready to get different results, consider developing your team (remote or otherwise) in a different way.

Listen in as 304’s very own Jennifer Thornton sits down with the affable host of the “Learning from Smart People” podcast, Rob Oliver, to discuss her take on talent and how to build an incredible team, grounded in trust and celebration of failure by understanding the neuroscience of fear.


If you’re interested in putting more intention into developing your team and co-creating a company culture you can be proud of, reach out to 304 Coaching. We have resources, programs, and private consulting services to help you and your best people thrive at work—in a growth mindset, open to new ideas, and empowering positive change.

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