How to Fix Your Addiction To Being Right

“My people don’t do what I ask them to, they don’t listen and they don’t come up with innovative ideas.” Leaders say it all the time, and if I had a penny for everytime I heard this, I could buy my own private island! 

But before you point a finger at your team, what if this is all because you’re addicted to being right. Yes, like sugar and shopping, being right can be the drug of choice for leaders, and because they are so accustomed to getting it, they alienate their teams. 

How do you know you’re addicted to being right? Here’s an easy tell: notice how you feel when the good idea in the room isn’t yours…

How does an addiction to being right block innovation and ultimately the growth of our organization? What can we do to cure ourselves of this affliction? 

In this episode, I’m joined by co-hosts of Bossy, Brilliant and Badass, Liz Green and Lisa Lindsey. We talk about how to eliminate fear from our organizations, why leaders need to look inward to solve problems and how to build trust in our teams.

When you’re trying to change, your consistency is everything. -Jen Thornton


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