The Education of Natural Diamonds. Building a learning path to sustainability.

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Indulge me for some story-time and a little bit of humblebrag. We’ve done some great work for a cool client and I’d love to share it with you. Why? Because this “client success story” is a fantastic example of the power of Custom Education, what forward-thinking organizations are doing with it, and why.

If you’re in the business of communication and you are responsible for making sure that as many people as possible are connecting the dots with knowledge and understanding, read on.


When the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) came to us ~2 years ago, they were thinking about going global with some very unique educational goals: 1) encourage the importance of education and how it impacts the industry as a whole, 2) demonstrate commitment to sustainability, and 3) minimize misinformation about how diamonds are sourced and sold.


This was a job for Custom Education, bespoke 360° training, adult-learning curriculums, and courses of instruction that cultivate confidence and excitement in products, processes, and promotions.


Custom Education brings your ideas to life by making an emotional connection with your message and mission. It’s storytelling steeped in visual interest, instructional design, and institutional knowledge that people rarely forget; and because the information provided has value and it is easy to navigate and understand, people are motivated to share what they have learned.

Together, the NDC and Team 304 worked to develop a world-class Education Partner Program and Facilitator’s Guide for Diamond Jewelry Retailers.

The new National Diamond Council Education Partner Program seeks to use education as a means to significantly drive customer experience and purchase intent, and delivers a best-in-class curriculum of natural diamond insights through a robust digital library for retailers. The education comprises several interactive learning modules featuring digestible lessons marked by a dedicated episode which imparts natural diamond knowledge beyond “the 4C’s” and the NDC have also launched a module focused on “Facts Dispelling the Myths and Misconceptions around Diamonds.”

I loved this project because Custom Education is so rewarding to watch come together. We identified the learners’ journey and built learning paths, creating a “choose your own adventure” vibe that allowed users options to explore topics deeply at their own pace and discovery in an immersive, mixed-media environment custom-designed just for them.

See it for yourself! You can explore an interactive education episode “Commitment to Sustainability” for yourself at

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