A Lesson in Customer Loyalty: How to Shift From Quid-Pro-Quo to Serving People w/Jenn McMillen

Whether we’re talking about our customers or teams, loyalty is the currency of successful relationships. In the business world of yore, loyalty was one-sided, it was buy something or do something to get something. Today that quid-pro-quo style falls flat. 

Just like Taylor Swift…brands who do well understand that having customers and employees is a privilege, and they aim for relational loyalty, not transactional relationships. 

How do we put authentic loyalty at the heart of our businesses? What has changed about leadership as the world of work continues to evolve? 

In this episode, I’m joined by loyalty and CRM expert and the founder of Incendio, Jenn McMillen. We talk about the shift in customer loyalty programs and what all businesses can learn from it. 

Businesses who are doing loyalty well are bringing the emotional component into it. They understand it isn’t quid-pro-quo, it’s a privilege to serve a customer. -Jenn McMillen


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