Turn An Uncomfortable Conversation into a Heartfelt Dialogue About Disability w/Jen Griffin

Leading the whole person is a non-negotiable requirement for every leader. To make everyone on our teams feel seen and supported, we have to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations. This is especially true for disability, something a large percentage of the workforce lives with. 

Disability isn’t easy to talk about because we’re afraid we’ll say the wrong thing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the conversation. 

We don’t feel awkward asking people what their dietary restrictions are, so why do we feel uncomfortable asking how we can support a disabled coworker? How do we become better leaders for those with disabilities, seen or unseen? In this episode, I’m joined by leadership coach and my good friend, Jen Griffin. 

She shares her inspiring story - becoming an amputee and the mental game that helped her recover. We also share how leaders can foster environments where people are comfortable talking about disability.


The more I guide and say it’s okay to ask, the better
the conversations get. -Jen Griffin

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