Connecting Career Dots: How a Single Thread Can Become An Amazing Path w/Jeannie Barsam

When we’re starting out in our professional lives, we never know where this adventure known as a career is going to take us. What may seem like stray conversations, nuggets or threads can ultimately weave together and form something amazing in the future. 

…Like working as an inventory manager, seeing how much of that inventory gets wasted and thinking, “wait a minute, I can build something and make a difference!” 

That’s what happened to Jeannie Barsam. The founder of Gifting Brands can trace that pivotal decision to the many threads that came together. In this episode, she talks about the journey, how she’s making a difference and evolving as a leader.

When you’re climbing through the ranks, you model yourself after the leaders in your organization. Sometimes that’s a danger. -Jeannie Barsam

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