The Self-Authoring Leader: A MUST For A Modern Business Landscape

If you’ve hung out with me for some time, you’ve heard me use the word self-authoring, but what does it actually mean, and why am I so passionate about it?

In a world where we’re constantly making complex decisions, and challenges come by the minute, we can’t let things just happen to us. We can’t be reactive - we have to stand firm in our vision and proactively decide how we’re going to show up.

This is self-authorship. It’s not getting swayed by what gets served up to us, but keeping ourselves, teams and organizations steady despite what’s going on.

Why are self-authoring leaders worth their weight in gold? How does this concept benefit everyone in the organization?

In this episode, we dive into self-authorship and why you can’t lead without it effectively.

Life just hits different when you’re in control of your actions and not just bumping around out there trying to outlive every crisis of the day. -Jen Thornton 

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