How to Create a Performance-Based, Value-Based Culture w/LBJ Biggers

Many leaders have the epiphany that it’s not culture if you have to micromanage to achieve it. It becomes culture when people perform when no one’s looking.

That begs the question: how do you turn culture from something you have on paper into something weaved into everything your organization does?

In order for an organization to drive forward, we need a strong culture and values, but performance also needs to be part of that deal. That’s where the concept of performance and value-based company comes in.

How do we tie the values of the organization in with everyone’s roles? How can we go from perception to perspective, and why is that such a powerful shift?

In this episode, I’m joined by the Chief Revenue Officer at Big Star Transit, LBJ Biggers.

He shares how his team turned culture into something tangible and trackable.


If you lack the ability to drive performance without having to micromanage, you lack culture. -LBJ Biggers


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