Meet the Universal Model of Leadership. The Leadership Circle for the win.


I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated with how human beings grow and develop. As a human myself, and a leader of humans, I think that it is so important to understand how people learn and mature. After all, if you can identify each stage of consciousness, and learn to identify where you (or others on your team) currently operate, you can lead with empathy and understanding on quite an impactful level.

That is why I find The Leadership Circle to be the most interesting and innovative model of understanding to emerge in many years.

It was developed through in-depth research and uses data from over 100,000 leaders that served to identify and articulate the Characteristics of Effective Leadership. After an incredible assessment—seriously, this was so fun to do!—you get a Leadership Circle profile, or LCP, which provides a deep understanding of your own leadership style, as a stand-alone and as it compares  to other leaders globally.

What a way to improve leadership skills!

To show you just how powerful this tool is, and how much it can and will impact my own work with clients, I want to share the Universal Model of Leadership.

Why is this such a big deal? By correlating the LCP with a measure of Stage of Development, researchers have come to a game-changing conclusion in tens of thousands of datasets: Leadership Effectiveness is highly related to the Stage of Development of the leader.

Furthermore, since business performance is strongly correlated to Leadership Effectiveness, we conclude that the performance of an organization depends highly on the level of consciousness of its leadership.

Mind. Blown.

The Leadership Circle is based on the premise that identity defines who we are, organizes much of our leadership behavior, and drives the strategies that we use to establish ourselves in the world.

“Identity is at the core of our inner game (IOS)—the part that harbors our sense of self; organizes how we understand ourselves; and determines how we establish our sense of self-worth, self-esteem, personal value, and security. Identity drives how we take up our role in situations and how we deploy ourselves moment to moment.

Since our Identity mediates much of our thinking and behavior, it generates patterns of results consistent with how our Identity is structured. When Identity evolves, so do we, as do the results we attain.

Each progressive evolution enables increased capability to handle increased complexity.”  (

Who knew that transcendental models of human consciousness would be the best thing to happen to Leadership Coaching since Texas Toast?

Thanks to vast research, understanding of adult development, and an extremely powerful assessment tool, Leadership Circle certified coaches can now help leaders move vertically from one level to the next, contextualizing where we’ve come from—and the limitations we’re leaving behind—and where we’re headed, in divine design.

This means moving from a reactive state to a creative state, increasing sophistication, influence, and impact. This means having power over the world, instead of the world having power over us.

If you are interested in learning more about the Characteristics of Effective Leadership, and getting profound insight into your own leadership style so that you and your team can springboard into your own divine design, just reach out here.

After all, each stage of the Universal Model of Leadership is inevitable—we must grow into it, and eventually beyond it. I can help you get there.

Yours in elevate-to-innovate,

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