Not Making a Decision IS Making a Decision…Here’s Why

Decisions, decisions…the hallmark of good leadership is swift and impactful decision-making. But let’s be real, amidst the whirlwind of emails, meetings, projects, and strategic pivots, the decisions we have to make can be so overwhelming, that we can decide not to decide at all.  

Here’s the problem though, not making a decision can be just as detrimental as making the wrong one. It causes projects to stall, innovation to wane and it erodes trust and competence. 

So whenever we’re holding off on making a choice - we have to be clear: is it a strategic pause to gather more info, or is it just avoidance? How do we use strategic non-decision to create better outcomes? 

In this episode, I talk about the silent yet profound impact of not making a decision and how to avoid creating a culture of uncertainty.  

Use non-decision-making when it’s strategically purposeful. -Jen Thornton


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