Perfectionism is a Tool of Fear: Here’s How to Move Past It

Perfectionism might seem like a benign or even a positive trait to bring to work, but it does more harm than good. It holds us back from our best work, hinders creativity, and when it spreads to our teams, it kills all innovation and productivity. 

If it feels like the world will crumble if you don’t do A++ work every single day or if you’re hyper-focused on getting every tiny little thing right, remember that perfectionism is only a tool of fear. 

How do we move past perfectionism, and lead people who struggle with it?

In the first episode of Let’s Fix Leadership, we’re digging into the neuroscience behind perfectionism and how to eliminate it.

Perfectionism is a tool of fear. - Jen Thornton

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

The pursuit of perfectionism is unproductive 

Can perfectionism ever coexist with innovation and progress? 

One question to combat perfectionism 

Perfectionism is rooted in the fear of the worst-case scenario. How do we challenge it?

The dangers of perfectionist leadership 

How can perfectionism hurt an otherwise great team?

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