We’re Leadership Circle Certified!

We’re Leadership Circle Certified! 🥳

It’s official. We’re now certified in the new 360 degree competency tool from Leadership Circle.

We’ve got some groovy new gravitas. As of earlier this year, I am Leadership Circle Certified in the Universal Model of Leadership.

This is a very cool thing because it is the only 360° assessment built on the Universal Model of Leadership™, supported by the latest research on leadership and adult development and validated through rigorous statistical analysis.

I fell in love with this program because it is a competency tool proven to help coaching clients transform their leadership effectiveness into something great.

Now, I can leverage both the LCP Group Report and the Collective Leadership Assessment™ to create broad strategic collective change. <Throws cowboy hat into the air! 🤠>

If you’re interested in the kind of coaching that approaches actionable steps for improvement by measuring the perceived level of collective effectiveness and comparing/contrasting it with the ideal collective leadership effectiveness necessary for organizations to thrive, let me know. I can’t wait to put the Universal Model of Leadership into play.

Yours in the relentless pursuit of inspired excellence,


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