How to Lead Through All the Noise

Ever tried to have an insightful conversation in a room with loud music? It’s noisy…and that’s what leading feels like today. From the oceans of emails flooding our mailboxes, back-to-back meetings filling our calendars, to the urgent but not important tasks that demand our attention. There’s a lot to wade through in today’s world.

When we’re distracted and living in the noise, we get stuck there, and sometimes, we don’t even notice it…maybe that’s why they invented noise-canceling headphones.

If we want to stay focused on what matters and what moves the needle, leading through the noise is a must-have skill. You may not be able to shut all the noise out, but there are intentional steps we can take to turn the volume down so we can hear ourselves think (and lead).

In this episode, I share how to remove the noise from our day-to-day and why it’s key to the success of our teams and organizations.


Creating space for strategic thinking is essential when trying to remove the noise. -Jen Thornton 

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