Why the name 304? Well, there’s a story…


Launching a business can feel like planning a wedding; before you actually walk down the aisle, you envision every single detail to be thoughtful, considered, and pitch perfect.

If you’ve ever actually planned a wedding or launched a business, you know all too well that perfection is an illusion.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to ponder and pick the perfect name to represent who you are and what you are offering the world…. but you get it anyway.

Before 304 was ever 304, just as we were starting to get our ducks in a row to hang out our shingle, we were pushed out of the nest by a colleague. We had less than 24 hours to come up with a company name, a brand, and a pitch.

The name 304 itself is a unique combination of special dates; and even though it happened rather serendipitously, it couldn’t have been more fitting. It has come to mean safety, innovation, and leadership to all our clients and colleagues.


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