Winning Words vs. Losing Language: How to Shape the Mindset of Your Team

For better or worse, the language we use as leaders creates the world our people work inside of. Based on what we say, we can make them feel like they’re on a winning team or a losing team, especially on long-term projects. 

Our people need to feel like they are winning in some way every day, and if we’re not allowing them to celebrate the smaller milestones, success will always feel out of reach. 

So how do we create a winning environment through our words? In this episode, I’m talking about using our language to build our teams up and keep them marching forward together.

People need to feel like they are winning in some way, every single day. - Jen Thornton

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

Same work, different energy
Can we change the environment without changing the actual work?

How to make people feel like winners when the finish line is out of sight
Before we jump into the next stage of a long-term project, why do we need to create room for reflection and celebration?

Evidence of success
How do we create fuel for our teams?

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