How to Cultivate Creativity and Encourage Innovation on Your Team

Are you the kind of leader who demands innovation from your team, but kill new ideas through your language? 

Being an idea killer only stifles creativity and makes it really hard for people to have the kinds of conversations that move an organization forward. 

How do we become leaders that welcome innovation and give it a comfy and roomy seat at the table? 

In this episode, you’ll learn what stunts innovation, and how to change it with one sentence…. “I don’t see it, but change my mind”.

When we teach people that we’re not open to learning new things, we teach people to stop bringing new ideas to us.
- Jen Thornton

Three Things To Take Away From This Episode

Spark innovation through conversations
With one simple statement, create a conversation that inspires today and in the future.

I don’t see it, but change my mind
Instead of shooting down ideas and discouraging people, use this one simple statement to encourage thought and innovation.

Not a great idea? How do you say it without discouraging future ideas?
We don’t have to like every single idea people share with us, how do we say no in a constructive way?

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