Learn How to Maneuver in the Talent Pool


Today’s talent pool looks more like chaos than synchronized swimming. The Great Resignation  has made every stroke the freestyle and every dive the pencil dive.

When it comes to recruiting for your own “swim team,” how can you identify the best swimmers? And once you know why they are, how do you convince them to compete on your team? And once they are onboard, how do you keep them happier than a lifeguard at “adult swim?”

Running a high-performance team—swim teams or otherwise—always comes down to two things: adopting a “Perfect-Fit” hiring process and developing each hire according to his or her own individual and job-specific talent gaps.

Put all together in an idea-positive environment and culture of learning, experimentation, and innovation and you have the perfect formula to actively engage everyone in the collaboration and creativity needed to expand into new markets, manage brands, and transform the future of work.

<reapplies sunscreen and blows whistle… all swim!>

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  • Implement a Perfect-Fit Hiring Process
  • Develop & Retain A-Players
  • Launch Leaders
  • Co-Create a High-Performance Culture
  • Avoid the Talent Cliff



304 is the Talent Strategy & Leadership Consultant and Neuroscience Expert that helps organizations understand how the brain wants to work so that we can thrive at work. Learn more about neuroleadership.

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