These Are My Favorite Leadership Things

‘Tis the season of giving! Well actually, if you’re a leader, giving is always in. You can make it feel like Christmas all year round. Some of the best gifts we can give don’t come in boxes, or wrapped in fancy foil wrapping…they are the things we can’t see, but rather the energy we create in our organizations. 

Here are a few of my favorite things that great leaders can bring. 

Self-authoring…In a world where we’re constantly making complex decisions, and challenges come by the minute, we can’t let things just happen to us. Self-authorship is the ability to not get swayed by what gets served up to us, but keeping ourselves, teams and organizations steady despite what’s going on. 


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There’s no greater gift to your team than an invitation to innovate. A crazy idea meeting is how we get those powerful brains working to create amazing new things without fear. 


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The gift of perspective….To know how far leadership has come, we have to see where we’ve been. It’s fair to say we’ve waded through some weird waters. Learning the history of leadership certainly helps.


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Trading in the old for the better, that’s always a nice gift. Well once upon a workplace, executive presence was the thing. Now we know that dynamic composure is what’s required today. 

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To dig deeper into all of these gifts, and how they can make your organization merrier, listen to these bountiful episodes!




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